What Kind Of Student Are/Were You

When do arrive at class?

During the class, how do you spend your time?

How much time do you spend on the course outside class time?

On a typical weekend, I:

When I work in a group...

It's your first day back after the holidays. How do you start the new term off?

You're given an essay to do. The deadline is in 3 weeks. When do you start?

When I see my grades...

You've been asked to help an exchange student settle in at your school. What do you do?

Your teacher has just told the class that there's a surprise test the next day but the biggest party of the year is happening tonight. What do you do?

What Kind Of Student Are/Were You
The “Sleeping Beauty”

You can't manage to keep your eyes open for more than 45 seconds. Attendance is the only reason you drag yourself to the class.
The “Why am I Here?”

You don't even know your purpose in that classroom. You barely understand what the lecturer is saying or what the students are responding to. You just are lost in the classroom
The “Know-It- All”/ “over active

You're a bit of a show-off, aren't you? You always have questions to ask and comments to make. You poke their nose into anything and everything, no matter if you know about it or not. You join all school clubs and activities. You want your name to be everywhere and always seem to be the first to do assignments and submit during exams. You don’t shy away from any opportunity to put yourself into the limelight.
The Nerd

You would rather stick with your books than have a social life. Books are clever. Books don’t bully you. Books don’t ask stupid questions. What’s more, books fertilize your mind with superb ideas and make you monstrously intelligent. So yea, better than people
Drama Queen

You just love being the centre of attention. You want the whole world to grab a tissue when you sneeze. You dress for the class just because you want to show off. You are more interested in your looks than grades.
Teacher's Pet

'Yes ma'am', 'No ma'am', are probably favourite phrases. You take front seats in the class and laugh loudly at teachers’ jokes. You haunt lecturers after class is over. You bombard them with endless questions. The thing is, aside from annoying the other students, they immensely annoy teachers as well.
The Joker/Clown

You barely take anything seriously. You want to make everyone laugh. You make jokes out of almost anything. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are not
The slacker/ class ghost

Practically nobody knows you. You are such a rare guest that sometimes everyone forgets you are their groupmate. However, Slackers appear on tests and make other students ask each other, “Who’s that guy?”

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