You’ll never believe some things men do that infuriates women

First of all, every woman has in one point in her life been called crazy by a man, but honey you’re not crazy (maybe some of y’all are though but we’re not judging). It’s them!!! Men!! They’re the ones that infuriate us, that drives us crazy. But they don’t want to admit it. Or maybe they are ignorant of what they do that annoys us… Or maybe that is what they want us to think so again we would seem crazy… lol

Well, with a mind of giving a benefit of doubt, here are 10 things, collated by different women, that men do that infuriates women.

Please read slowly and steadily, as we won’t be repeating this session again. And oh, share with your boys too, so they learn and flee from such habits. Thanks in advance.

1. Switching up and calling it “initial gra-gra”

Honestly, do men even know how annoying this is? Like you give me all the attention in the world, buy me things, call me nonstop, want me around all the time. Now I have fallen flat for you and you suddenly stop all this sweetness. Now I am the needy one? As how na? You reeled me in, I am in now and I am suddenly needy. You don’t invite kids with candy and suddenly throw the candy away when they arrive. That’s inhumane. That’s enough to drive anyone mad. Just saying”– CYNTHIA

2. Staring at boobs before face

Like for real what is wrong with men? My face is up here but no!! You rather size my breasts first. I can be having a full-on conversation with a man and he is going “hmm, hmm” and nodding his head but his attention is not at all in what I am saying. It is on my boobs. Do you know how it makes us feel? Like pieces of meat, ready to be eaten. Like even if I am your girlfriend, look me in the face. The breast is yours at the end of the day. Just look at me.”– RUME

3. Awful texting and calling habit

“Texts are cool, calls are cooler. I had a man that told me he doesn’t chat much and doesn’t like calls either. So wtf do you like? I can text this man in the morning and he replies me at night or the next day. And worse is that he doesn’t call. This guy was trying to convince me that it was ok for people to not talk all the time and still be into each other. Like wth does that even mean? Men you need to drop this habit. Reply messages on time and adopt the habit of calling. You don’t know how much that makes a girl happy” MERCY

4. Short responses to long messages

I am definitely going to kill my man someday because of this. I can tell this nigga my life history and problems or how I feel about something and he goes “WOW” or “DAMN!!!” or “SHII, lol, SURE”. The third one is actually the longest response I have gotten. Like who does that? I just poured out my heart and soul and I get a one-worded response. That’s animalistic, it makes me want to murder someone. Stop doing it guys, stop doing it SEUN!!! I will break up with you after I break your head- AISHA

5. Purposeful manipulation

“He knew me too well — so he knew how to build me up and break me down. I honestly thought I was actually the crazy one and drove my man away. See men it isn’t fair when your girl is saying something and you try to make her believe she is crazy. Listen to her. I mean I told my ex that I felt like his so-called bestie liked him. I told him she gave off that vibe too much and I am a girl and I knew what I was talking about. “Sarah I love you and only you. Stop worrying about Caroline. She is just a friend. If I wanted to be with her, I wouldn’t be with you”, that’s what he said. I believed him. He’s getting married to her sha. And he dared to tell me, they go way back and its what everyone should have. See if you have someone you like or are into, be real. Sure it would hurt but at least we would know we are not crazy. Stop manipulating us” – SARAH

6. Ghosting

“I don’t know about other girls but I am a straightforward person. Tell me as it is. I think guys that ghost girls are villains. Worse than Darkseid. If you are no longer interested, use your balls and say so. Do you know the state you put a girl by ghosting her? She would start reasoning if anything is wrong with her if she did something wrong and so much more. YOu have successfully put her in a state of unanswered questions. Say something. Y’all are great liars so create something that won’t make her feel mad. Just don’t ghost her. Please”. – Kehinde

7. Intimacy Without Commitment

“This right here is demon behaviour. Like you are here for me, showing me all the love and care, showing up all the time, doing everything to keep me happy but God forbid you gets committed.  He says he isn’t ready for something but “thinks you’re amazing, funny, sweet, sophisticated, his dream girl, blah, blah, blah,” which is why he continues to keep you on the line. In the end, the girl always gets hurt. Guys don’t want to be the bad guy, so they don’t tell you they’re not ready. Instead, they do just enough to keep you on the hook but not enough to make anything official. And that is exactly what I mean by demon behaviour” – CHIOMA

8. Not being true to his words

“Like if you say you are going to do something for me, fucking do it. Don’t go back on your words and make an excuse. Its more annoying when I didn’t ask, but you go ahead to say left and right and then don’t do it. It’s a big turn off for me” – SONIA

9. Not cleaning up

“I hate when men don’t clean. I hate it when they excuse it with “I’m a guy”, what in God’s name does that mean? Clean your room, wash your dishes, do your God damned laundry. It is disgusting. A lot of people go to guy’s house and expect it to be a mess because they are guys. You are the problem. There is nothing normal about it. Clean the fuck up” – SEYI

10. Looking at other women

“It is ok to look at someone. Don’t get me wrong. It is that second look that makes me angry. Ok there is a fine girl walking or passing by, I looked, you looked too. Which one are you na cracking neck to take another look? That neck will break. Just know. It is very disrespectful” – ANITA

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