Will you be kneeling to propose? Guys share their thoughts

Girls squealing, screaming, jumping, crying, occasionally running away, Pete Edochie earlier this year put rubbish to all that with his comment on marriage proposals. Pete Edochie said, “any young man who kneels down to propose to a girl is not just an idiot but also a bloody fool”. The veteran actor said when this happens the girl takes over the family

Of course, this caused a lot of buzz on and offline. Guys started to rethink kneeling. Yes, kneeling to propose is a foreign act but it has successfully made its way around the world. A lot of girls take proposals seriously. They want a fairy-tale proposal that they could tell their friends and children later.

What do you think though? Do you think Pete Edochie wa right? Would you kneel to propose? Or do you feel you are selling your “rights” to a woman that way? Here are what some of our Nigerian brothers (no relation) have to say.

BROWN: Yes, I’ll kneel to propose, because I can and it’s kinda romantic and I know girls like romantic stuff. But it’ll be a private dinner. Maybe on a rooftop. Not gonna do any of those public charade because las las no be public go marry am

EFE: Well I am not sure yet. Maybe I will. Or, I could just throw the ring at her and ask her to do what she wants with it, lol.

IBRAHIM: I won’t because I no be oyibo. It’s their culture not ours

MENA: I honestly don’t even know which I would do. I think it will largely depend on how dramatically she wants it.

IHENNA: Of course I’ll kneel. Are we not supposed to respect royaltyđź‘‘? I won’t be marrying just anybody na.. Maybe guys that don’t want to kneel are managing the girl.

CHARLES: Well I see nothing wrong with kneeling and I will definitely kneel when proposing to my future wife. My reason for kneeling is too show how much I love her and how much I respect and cherish her as well, it’s a sign of loyalty and also me offering myself wholeheartedly to her. So that’s why I will kneel when proposing

MOSES: Of course I will. Because it’s only right to bend the knee for my queen.

ISRAEL: Personally, I think I’m going to let the occasion speak for itself. Imagine we went on a “baecation” to a beach…and there’s a surprise party for the proposal in the water and we’re all swimming…am I supposed to then get out of the water and kneel when it could be the first of its kind (in-water proposal)? Or, say we went sky-diving…imagine missing an iconic in-the-air proposal…just because I want to kneel? You’d probably laugh this off…but everyone has their own plans for how it will go… Generally, though…if, as a man, you’re in an environment that avails you the chance to kneel, don’t overthink it…take the knee. You’re asking for her hand in marriage…he who asks for something never keeps his palm facing downwards above that of the one giving.

FEMI: Well, tbh, I am indifferent. I don’t see a big deal in either. It depends on what is important to her. But then, I would most likely kneel to avoid folks thinking I don’t respect her or will take her for granted. It’s more of a perception issue for me.

LADI: I will. Because girls tend to love it. From the moment you’re kneeling, there’re melting

OSAS: Nope!! No! NO!! NO!!! I won’t be doing that. Even for woman to dey on top me in bed, dey somehow for me then I will na kneel down. Nah. I can’t. I will plan something else. Thank God I have babe that like me like this.

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