What are you willing to do for PS5?

The new play station 5 is out. Orders are pouring in, reviews are in place, people are showing off. Have you gotten yours?

The official price for PS5 is about $500. You’d think over here in Nigeria would be like N200k at most or maybe N250k. But lo and behold we are seeing N500k to over N600k.

What is happening?

Imagine saving all this time, and you think you have gotten the money, only for the system to tell you “multiply by 3”. Boys will not be smiling by now.

How badly do you want a ps5 though? What are you willing to do for it?

Here are some comments from the fellas on how badly they need a PS5. Some of these were sent to us directly, some caught on Twitter

What are you willing to do? You can comment below

“Omo I will go back to my ex o. Her parents are f&%king rich and maybe the mother might need a sugar baby or so. I feel like a fool breaking up with her honestly. God no show me sign. I for manage till I get PS5”

“Currently on the lookout for bone straight weaves. Wahala for any babe wey get am o because like 5 bone straight go fit buy me ps5”

“I already have a sugar mommy. I am doing all the work and my birthday is coming soon. I have told her, I don’t want the new iphone. My XSMax do me. Make she no try herself abeg”

“Omo I will do whatever o. I will join illuminati sef. I kuku have one mumu uncle like that. Make them just carry am make person death no dey waste”

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