We have ranked the scariest movies of all time


It’s Halloween (in a lot of places but Nigeria of course, because some witches fit take the opportunity show themselves) but just for the feeling of it, we would be ranking some scary movies for you.

Horror movies are really those ones that could keep you up at night, make you scared or jumpy at any sound other than yours (and even yours could scare you sometimes). Horror movies are best watched at night if you ask me (but since no one is asking, let’s move on)

Scary movies these days disappoint a lot. If you are a scary movie freak like me, then you would quickly relate to what I am saying. There are however many that do not disappoint, that would still give you chills no matter when you watch it.

We have ranked 10 of our favorite horror films for you. These movies are from both present and past times.

10. A Quiet Place

We are putting this in 10th place not because it is not scary, it doesn’t exactly give you all the chills you want. It is pretty scary that one cannot make a single sound without getting killed but with no actual voiced dialogue, you can get bored. The highlight of the movie was during the labour of the mom character (Emily Blunt). Her having to keep hush while in labour and still not scream after a nail stabbed into her heel while going down the stairs. The movie is very interesting but let’s leave it as our number 10

9. Insidious

Anything that is of the supernatural will mostly give you goosebumps. It takes a special kind of failure for you to flop a supernatural movie. Add possessed children to the play and the scare would go up a notch and then make it a tale from the books of Ed and Lorraine Warren and you have yourself the perfect scare.

Insidious will have you in your sheets. Insidious has four parts, all which leaves a similar effect but nothing beats the first one.

8. Anabelle

Another one from the books of Ed and Lorraine Warren, Anabelle is a story of a demon possessed doll terrorizing the lives of it’s owners. You see I had as a child and let me tell you, that thing scared the Jesus out of me. I hated it so much. It was ugly. I cannot even remember who gave it to me but I know my parents didn’t like it either. When I started having nightmares about the doll, it was instantly burnt. So watching Anabelle always reminds me of that doll. You really should see it.

Annabelle has three parts. Anabelle creation (2017) was the best in my opinion

7. Host (2020)

So here is why this movie is scary; it picked on the pandemic. It picked on the 2020 plight. I mean we are all in quarantine, everyone working from home and minding their business, using zoom and teams for work and engagement and yet, this person (twisted individual) decides to feast on that. Imagine that a simple zoom call can cause a form of horror that leads to death. This movie is a good watch and deserves the number 6 spot

6. Halloween

This movie right here is the reason why Nigerians are sure glad they don’t celebrate Halloween. I mean, everyone is wearing a mask. You don’t know who is your enemy behind the mask, who is out to get you and they will get away with it because well, they had a mask. Halloween has a lot of parts, like a lot, so you can pick any to have a good scare this Halloween. But my favourite would be the 2007 Halloween movie.

5. The Exorcist

This movie is old. Like 1973 old but it will still give you a good scare. It is based off a novel by the William Peter Blatty. Watching this, you would certainly believe it when they say “Oyibo demon strong pass black man own” because in all my years of attending crusades and deliverance services, never have I ever seen demons carry anyone up or change a person’s voice or have any of you seen that?

4. IT

IT chapter one was really the best for me. Like I said, using kids in a horror movie brings more horror. The scariest part of the movie has to be the beginning with the kid that lost his boat. Don’t talk to strangers kids, especially one you find in the sewers.

3. The Blair witch project

This movie is based on the purportedly true story of three student filmmakers who hike in the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland in 1994 to film a documentary about a local legend known as the Blair Witch. The three disappear, but their equipment and footage are discovered a year later. The purportedly “recovered footage” is the film.

This movie was so disturbing to watch. To think that it actually happened was the scariest part. Like this is why I love Nigerians. Why will you go into the woods to look for a witch ffs? I can never understand it. Well, if you want to scream out loud, here you go

2. The Conjuring

This takes number two for us. It has all the flavours of a good horror movie; Kids, supernatural and Ed and Lorraine Warren. The conjuring like most movies from the books of the Warren has more than one part. The part one happens to be the best of them (funny how I call scare ”best”) but it really is. A mother being possessed to kill her children? Yes to that scare

1. Final Destination

Be honest with yourself, would this list be complete without Final Destination? The thing about this movie is that it has nothing to do with the elements of a scare as I have stated earlier. It is not supernatural, it doesn’t use kids and it is not from the books of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The movie has a lot of graphic scenes so ”viewers discretion is advised”. This movie will make you cautious of everything around you because apparently even a flying paper can lead you to your death.

Final destination or Final D as it is popularly called has 5 parts and each one is always so twisted. It is a good watch. It will mess up your thinking so brace up if uiure really up for it.

Do you think we missed any good movie? Let us know 😁

Also tell us which of these you have seen and is your favourite.

Happy Halloween 🧟🧛🏾‍♀️

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