Tools to make #WFH effective and fun this season

Over the past couple of days, the Coronavirus aka COVID19 has created a shift in many aspects of our lives especially, and one of such important aspects has been in how we work.

The past few days have seen many companies ask workers to work from home, breathing life to the remote culture we’ve all been hoping for.

While some of us have just been introduced to the remote lifestyle, some have worked remotelyfor a while.

We asked them for some of the apps that they have mostly used during their remote days.

1. WhatsApp: I’m sure this might come as a surprise to many, but WhatsApp has proven to be pivotal in the lives of its many users, including those who work from home. The Facebook owned messaging app is the most downloaded social messaging app in the world. Talk about importance, WhatsApp has proven to be useful over and over again, and coupled with some interesting features that lets you send files, make calls ( audio and video) with one or more persons, WhatsApp continues to hold a special place in the heart of home-workers

2. Pinterest: At this point, you probably think this piece is for social media apps, but surprisingly Pinterest made it to a number of list that was mentioned.

        If you’re a creative or you work in the creative space, then you must probably have heard of the goodness that is Pinterest. The app serves as an endless pit of ideas from learning how to set your work table to learning how to write a business proposal. Whatever idea you seek, there’s a creative side to it on Pinterest, you should check it out.

3. Box/Dropbox: working on the go is on of the perks of remote working. Sharing ideas, documents, files, pictures whatever it is, these 2 apps have made it remote working easier and our remote gurus highly recommend them.

They help you escape the hurdle of gadgets repair, no power, as you can conveniently work across anywhere with your email, with maximum cloud storage.

4. Todoist/Reminder: one of the advantages of working from is the ease and flexibility that comes with it, however, that could serve as a disadvantage to you too and that’s where apps like todoist come in..

Helping your organize your daily task, with reminders so you can stay on track without forgetting or getting distracted and if you’re like me, who loves to work from my bed, then you need the alarm notifications that come with these apps to get you working.

You should check them out.

Netflix: come on!! I was always going to include a fun thing to do. Who works without having to play on the side.

Keeping up with work can be a lot and some times you just need to take a break, you have Netflix to help you there and our remote gurus highly recommend.

Get the work done, get some fun, keep a balanced home-work life.

Think there are any apps you’d like to recommend, drop them for someone in the comments.

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