The Best 5 Video Grabber Tools to Download Online Videos

Afunwa Samuel

Asking you or telling you why you should download videos would sound downright stupid, so we won’t do that, the main query, and the most common one these days is how to download videos from the internet.

You already know that YouTube and daily motion are the largest platforms for video publishing and you can get the most interesting and updated stuff with these platforms.

But you should know that there is no automated way of downloading videos from these platforms in your default gallery and that is where you need help from third-party websites and tools.

The problem doesn’t end here as you should know that there are hundreds of video downloader tools on the web today.

The internet is flooded with free services today, but not all of them are reliable and user-friendly, we have tested almost every online video downloader tool on the web and have gathered some information about the best tools on the web that are feasible to use for any person who needs to save videos from the web.

Below is the list of the top five-tool and their highlighted details.

Online Video downloader tool by the Small SEO Tools!

The small SEO tool’s video downloader is one of the most top-rated and well-designed tools on the web. The video tool is easily accessible on the web and is available for anyone and everyone who needs it.

The tool, as we have mentioned dozens of times, is very much easy to use, and you just have to follow the steps displayed to utilize it and save your favorite videos.

This tool has some good stuff that you should know about as well. It supports all popular video platforms, including YouTube. I can download videos from the social media pages. I can easily download the 3D and other high-resolution videos, including 4k and 8k content. The tool can save as many videos as you want to in a single day and that for free too.

4k video downloader tool!

A very simple video downloader tool that can help you save content from different websites with a few clicks is the 4k video downloader tool. You can save your favorite content and in your favorite format with this tool. The tool is very easy to use, and even a layman can understand its working.

This tool can save videos from all platforms, and you just need the proper URL of the video. You can easily download and save complete playlists and content on a channel with this tool. You can download subtitles separately if you need them as the tool also has the option. You can download the 360-degree videos with the help of this tool!

Clip Grab!

The clip grab is yet another important video downloader tool with a lot of interesting features and with an extremely user-friendly interface. The tool supports smart downloading features, and you can have a lot of fun downloading stuff with this tool.

This tool can download 4k and 8k videos very easily, and you must know that this tool supports high definition downloads. It allows a user to download whole batches in one go without any limitations. The smart mode of the tool can help a user download videos that are preferred as per his choice, so every time a new video of the sort is published, it will be saved automatically with your consent. The tool has a very fast saving speed.


This is also one of the most well-reputed and organized sites for saving videos on the internet. You should know that with this tool, you can save videos from various websites. May they be related to video publishing or not. It uses the multi-thread download technology with the help of which you can go with fast downloads. You can save several videos in one go with this tool. The tool has a very clean layout and is considered very intuitive. It also has remote downloading features.

a-tube catcher

This video downloader tool is the best tool for downloading videos on your computer system or device having windows installed in it. It can save content from different platforms. You can download video content in multiple formats and can also change them while downloading. The tool can save screen recordings. It can burn content saved into disk drives. Has its own program updater!

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