Ten Easy Exercise To Do At Home


With the lockdown, keeping fit can be such a task. Some feel unmotivated due to the fact that they are probably use to working out in a gym, others feel overwhelmed with work while others just don’t want to.

But like the popular saying goes ”Health is wealth”. In other to perform efficiently and effectively, it is important to be of sound (healthy) mind and body. Luckily, exercises provides both.

People hear workout and just want to run to a corner with the ”I can’t kill myself attitude”. Funny as it sounds, you don’t have to kill yourself to keep fit

The aim of exercises is to keep your heart rate up, allowing for proper blood circulation. There are really easy workouts you can do at home. These exercises keep your heart rate up and relaxes you.

Here is a list of ten very easy workouts you can do at home

1. Jumping Jacks: Get your heart rate up with some jumping and jacks. Do this for 30secs to 1minute, then rest. You can decide to repeat depending on your strength level.

2. Squats. This is aimed at your thighs. To tone those thigh muscles, you want to do at least 20 reps of these for like 2 sets and above. You can choose to do this with a dumbbell or bottled water if you do not have a dumbbell

3. Lunges: Also aimed at your thighs, you can also do 20 reps, 10 for each leg for as many set as possible.

4. High knees. This is like running on the spot but lifting your knees as high as possible. Do this for 30-60secs

5. Planks. This is an ab busting exercise. This work out will tighten your abs and give that toned look you crave. Do this for at least 30 secs

6. Side planks. Just like planks but for this, you stay straight on your sides. Do this for at least 20 secs on each side

7. Situps. A very popular work out, this exercise is also aimed at your abs. Do at least 15 reps of this. If you don’t have a partner and you cannot keep your legs on the floor, you can use the bottom of your resting chair as support. Just make sure your feet stays on the ground.

8. Side lunges. Because we love our thighs, we keep working on them. This is same as lunges but done side to side instead of to the front. Do at least 20 reps of this (10 each side)

9. Pushups. These are actually full body workout. It pushes your arms, legs and abs. When doing this workout, you really want to give it your all so all body part gets the benefit. For this do at least 10

10. Crunches. This is targeted at the abs. It is very similar to the “situp” but for this, you do not go all the way up. Do at least 10 reps for this

As much as have been said, the reps you do should match your strength. Push yourself to do more but sit and breathe whenever it feels like you are crossing a limit. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

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