Post ASUU Strike; How To Prepare For The New Session

So ASUU finally decided to call off their strike after about 9 months. I mean, if you were pregnant around February/ March in school, you would have had a baby by now. You could even resume the new session looking bang-bang like nothing happened

Nine months is such a long time and if you are a student, you probably are confused about where and how to begin. I bumped into a school calendar for the new session and all I can say is OMO x1000. Maybe ASUU thinks this strike is you guys fault because what session schedule is that?

Anyway, out of the goodness of my heart, I am here to help you prepare for the new session, you know, make it easier for you because you know it is not going to be easy.

I have outlined 4 very important tips to prepare you for this new session. Read on to know how

Go and check your student profile

This should not even shock you. I know that many of you have by now forgotten your matriculation number and courses. As a matter of fact, my neighbour screamed when he heard the strike had been called off. He was not screaming out of excitement, no, not at all. In his words “Omo which kind rubbish be this na? I no even remember my course again. Which level I even dey?”. So if you are like him, go and check your student profile. This is in fact the first thing you should do before the session fully starts.

Start calling your big uncles

ASUU has called off strike o. This is not a drill. It is time to start billing all your uncles and aunties. You should start cooking up all your “lie-lie” projects and fees you will need to pay as ASUU resumption fee (they will sha catch you and your lies one day 😂). But for real though, start reaching out to the people that you would normally bill and ask for money. You are definitely going to need it this period

Be friends with the ITKs

You and I know that you have thrown away your course materials and deleted the one on your phone to create space for movies. E don red for you now abi? But you know who kept theirs? The ITKs them. They can never throw any material out. They are the ones that will even lecturers create a course outline so get friendly with them. For all you know, they have been in contact with the lecturers and already know the exam questions. You want to sit with them, talk to them and anything else that will secure your success in this session (and I don’t mean anything bad)

Go with God

No matter how prepared you are for the new session, you are wrong if you don’t have God in mind. This is in fact going to be a strenuous new session and aside from your own physical strength, you need the grace of God. It really does not matter the religion you practice or God you serve, you just should have him in mind

That said, I wish you all a smooth (even when the road is bumpy) and successful new session. All the best durlings


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