Is Religion A Factor To Consider When Picking A Partner?

Choosing a partner in life is a very tasky decision to make. In the world today, people marry based on different factors. Most people always go for a partner that shares same religious belief as they do. 

Religion is a key factor to consider why picking a partner. I will be highlighting some factors as to why religion is a key factor to be considered why choosing a partner. 

  1. Kids : When partners are of same religion, it helps them understands how to raise their kids. It helps them understand what kind of religion they want the kids to practice, and also it makes them continue practicing a particular type of religion. 
  2. Common Values: When partners practice same religion, it creates common value, that is to say, it helps them draw out an example from a particular character should anything goes wrong in the relationship. 
  3. Superiority : When partners practice different religion, there will definitely be religious superiority, the Man might say his religion is the best and the lady might say no. The man might stop her from practicing her own religion on the long run. 
  4. Conflict : Religion differences between partners leads to conflict. When a party is being restricted from practicing his or her own religion, it will definitely lead to conflict in the relationship. 

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