“I think I might be pregnant” 5 women share their pregnancy scare stories

Every sexually active woman at one point in her life has had a pregnancy scare (unless you don’t pay attention to your cycle or are overconfident). Aside abstinence, no contraceptive is actually 100%. There is always that 0.01% chance and let’s face it, that is a lot of chance especially when you are not ready to have a baby.

Pregnancy scares can be really exhausting. You start noticing the tiniest things. Your hormones start playing tricks on you and… you know what? Let me allow these ladies share their experiences with you


I think every girl has had a pregnancy scare at least once in her life. Mine happened while I was serving. Came to visit family in Lagos stopped by boo’s place on my way back to Enugu where I was serving. Anyway by the time I got back to Enugu I realized my period was late for like a week. My roommate and I almost had the same cycle and it’s either she saw hers before mine or vice versa. Confided in his evul witch and she didn’t stop taunting and telling me how she will buy pampers, we can stay back after service so I can have the baby just so my folks don’t find out. Anyway to Jesus be my glory one Saturday morning I woke up to bloodstains on my sheet. Surprised how I still remember it was a Saturday? Omo that’s how traumatic it was for me oo. I wasn’t sleeping very well until I saw it. I had already planned to tell the boo to start getting ready to be a daddy🌝🤣🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


So I didn’t get my period the day I was supposed to and I wasn’t feeling any warning cramps, I started to feel scared and confused, calculated and calculated… I started sleeping a lot and I was freaked out, I called the guy I was f**king then to tell him and he was calm, saying he was sure I wasn’t pregnant… That month, I didn’t see my period and the home test was always negative, I was so paranoid ehn… I was already beginning to walk myself through the whole “I’m pregnant” thing and a week into the next month, I saw my period… I was screaming so loud, you would have thought I won a lottery… I was glad I had my friends with me too, they made it easier for me


I’ve never been late, but I’ve definitely had pregnancy scare..this time during the pandemic… I think in the month of March I was getting fat and everybody my house was like “you sure say you never get belle so”… their comments got me worried and me knowing what I’ve done also was making it worse so I told my boyfriend I may be pregnant o because he was also concerned about my new sleeping habit. And to worsen the case, I wasn’t having premenstrual cramps normally I do have premenstrual cramps like a week before the period, but this was two days to go already and nothing was going on in my Tummy (except maybe a baby was growing)..lol…so we concluded that I take a test. Now the problem was getting a test kit because stores were closed and the chemist shop in my area was locked I had to take Keke downtown to get a test strip I was f**king scared cause I was already convinced I was pregnant…. I was getting, fat boobs were tender, I was eating much and no cramps…. Alas, the test was negative. Pheww!!! ..period came on the supposed date and we lived happily ever after.lol


I was on the pill. I hated it. I hate taking any drug. Aside from the fact that I hated taking a pill every single f**king day, the pill was causing dry mouth which caused bad breath. At a time, I just got tired of it. I was starting to forget taking the pill. I decided to abandon it and talk to my boyfriend about using condoms. Three days after I had very light bleeding. I read it was an effect of stopping the pill. I was expecting my period in a week. The week came and nothing. Not even a pinch of cramps. That week passed and I started calculating from the time I got the light bleeding. I assumed maybe my hormones shifted to follow that cycle. That cycle days were completed and still nothing. I was hyperventilating. I went to class and my friend was telling me how my boobs “looked great”. I started begging my God for chances, lying to myself that I would abstain or be more careful. I was losing weight but sleeping like a pig and my boobs looked like it was about to pop. Then the worse happened. I woke up to a lactating breast. I passed out that morning. My roommate thought I fell back asleep but I actually just passed out. It was four weeks now and no period. With shaky spirit and legs, I went to the hospital for a test. I don’t know how I would tell my boyfriend. I was suffering all this alone. The test came out negative. How?? My period was missing. The doctor asked me to come the next week for another test. If it was negative, we would do a scan. He said it could be an ectopic pregnancy or fibroid. My dear, I was praying for fibroid o. At least my parents will pity me for that one. Week 5 of no period, it was time to bring my boyfriend into the loop. I told him what was happening, he was more upset that I didn’t tell him earlier. Said why would I allow myself go through all this myself. Told me to calm down and just do the test. The test came out negative, the scan showed everything was ok. That is when the doctor started asking me questions. I told him of my body changes and all. He asked me when I stopped the pill, I told him. He just laughed and said that was the problem. He said my hormones were thrown off balance because I didn’t finish my pill pack. I stopped it halfway. He said even if I don’t want to take the pill anymore, I should ensure I finish the pack I have before quitting, otherwise, the hormones will be confused and take its time to reset (this is the dummy version because he said things I didn’t understand). He just told me to chill and not have sex till I get my period because an egg might just be hanging around waiting to be fertilised. Week 6 came and I finally saw the bloody bitch. See the way I was happy eh. I actually cried. If it was possible, I would have gone to church for testimony.


I had unprotected sex once with my boyfriend. He came in me. I was scared so I got the morning after pill. Time for the period to come and it didn’t show. I was in school hostel. I was quiet throughout that week. My roommates were already telling me I was glowing and adding up. Asking me if I was pregnant. That question can vex me eh. I always got angry and became defensive. A week passed and nothing. I told my boyfriend and he joked about buying baby things. I was not finding any of it funny. I don’t know why he was making foolish jokes. Week three, I woke up in the morning, so sad. I was dragging my feet so much that I didn’t notice that I was having cramps. I went to the bathroom to take a bath. As I took off my panties, I saw the stain. I ran out of the bathroom waving my panties in the air, jumping and shouting “I’m bleeding!!!”. Lol, see eh. This sex thing, lol, if not say e sweet. Anyway, we thank God.

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