How To Start A Perfume Oil Business With Just 7000.

Afunwa Samuel

Idleness they say is a devil’s workshop. Being idle without doing anything can make someone do the unexpected. See below people that are eligible for this business:

  • Are you a student?
  • Are you unemployed?
  • Are you employed but you need extra income?
  • Are you a stay at home?
  • Are you tired of begging for money from people?
  • Are you also looking for a business to do as a married man who is unemployed?

If you fall into this category, then this is the business you can start with just N7000. I will explain to you how you will start and be making a profit daily.

Firstly, when you start it might be difficult selling all the perfume oil at once daily, there is an adage which says Consistency is key in every business and your vision should be in line with it.

How Do You Buy The Perfume Oil?

  • All you need to do is to locate a vendor who deals in wholesale, most wholesalers consider people who buy and resell to make a profit, unlike buying for your personal use. When I started my perfume oil business despite having a small job, I was able to start with N7000. All I did was to get a contact of a lady in Berger who sells perfume oil. She makes it herself, see below how she sold per bottle:
  • 3ml bottle @280 each, while some sell @300 and @400.
  • 5ml bottle @400 each, while some sell @700
  • 6ml bottle @650 each, while some sell @800.

I bought 2 packs of 3ml which is 12 bottles inside a pack which is N6720. Inside each pack you will see different fragrance, and you can also request for the fragrance you want.

You get fragrance like Aventus creed, sugar baby, Victoria secret, Tomford, Gucci, Elizabeth Arden red door, Gucci bloom, Invictus, cocoa channel, 212 sexy men, polo sport, and so on.

There are over 50 fragrances you can get, once you buy @280, you can sell @500 making N220 profit per bottle, if you buy @300 you make N200 per bottle.

When you start gathering the profit, it will help you get extra pack i.e instead of 2 packs initially, your profit will be added to get another extra pack or extra bottles.

Please don’t be idle doing anything, look for something to do because no one likes to be burdened.I won’t like someone disturbing me daily for money when they are so many business one can venture into.

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