How To Download YouTube Videos To Your Computer Or Phone For Free Using Teckexperts.com

Afunwa Samuel

Everything has gone online. Markets, stores, schools, training, music, concerts, banks, meetings, hackathons, funding, and many more have all moved online. The internet has radically changed how everything works.

One of the online platforms many people are turning to for most of these things is YouTube.

With this online platform, one can be entertained, informed, educated, and receive answers to any question from the millions of user-generated content published there regularly.

YouTube is designed so that users can watch and view videos on their website. But for one reason or the other many users want to download or save their favorite YouTube videos to their computer or phone so they can watch them without being connected to the Internet, or on other devices.

YouTube offers some ways to download videos through its web services. These services are made available to some apps and websites to help users download videos to their phones and laptops. In this guide, we’ll explain how to do this using a very simple method.

1. Copy the video link(URL):
Open your web browser or launch your YouTube App on your mobile phone, find the video you want to download from YouTube and copy its URL from the address bar shown on the web browser. You can click on share if you are using the YouTube App, and tap on copy link.

2. Paste video URL:
Go to www.teckexperts.com and paste the link to the video on the search bar showing on the top of the home page. The website will retrieve information about the video and give you a choice of quality options. These will vary depending on the quality of the original video.

3. Download the YouTube video:
After the search, you can decide which video quality or size you want to download. The higher the quality, the higher the size of the video. If the video opens directly in your browser, right-click the video and choose Save Video As. On a mobile phone, all you have to do is hold for awhile. The download option will pop. Tap and download.
The filename defaults to the video name or “video playback” with an mp4 file extension, depending on the quality you chose to download.
Click Save to save your video. By default, it is saved to your download folder. You can go to the download folder and rename the video to any name you want.

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