Fashion: Slaying that can never be locked down

If there’s one thing that drives the world, it’s fashion. Many people take their looks very seriously. There are outfits for church, school, work, club, home and virtually anything at all

With the coronavirus, people still want to slay. Before the virus came in, we saw how may people wore different outfits for different occasions.

The red carpet of any occasion was always on fire. Take the recent AMVCA for example, we could not get enough of the different looks.

We had the likes of Mercy, Berverly Naya, Tacha, among others killing it.

Picking the best dressed on the carpet must have been such a task.

When the coronavirus forced a lockdown, you’ll think people might lose their slaying habit. I mean you have nowhere to go, might as well slip on that dollop slippers, with a shirt and short on.

Heck!! You can just decide to walk around naked. But this clearly isn’t the case.

The slayers were not ready to back out of the slaying.

Since the lockdown started globally, there have been so many challenges going viral across all social media platforms to ease boredom and give you the opportunity to just change clothes and look as you would going, well, anywhere.

The #don’trushchallenge and #bopdaddychallenge featured beach version, party version, doctors version, dinner version, comic con version and so many others including my favourite “the pillow challenge”

The “Pillow challenge” unlike other #dontrushchallenge involves you literally changing from your clothes to your pillow.

This is where you see that you really can look good in anything.

People did this by simply tying their pillows to themselves with a belt and actually killing the look!!

I really love this challenge because of the uniqueness and level of creativity it takes to get involved in it.

Men jumped on the challenge too but I’d say, let’s leave it to the ladies cos they look on so sleek on those pillows.

Feed your eyes with these pillow slays

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