Facts About The World Most Tattooed Man Lucky Rich

Lucky Daimond Rich is a performer artists from new Zeeland he was born in 1971(49 years)
He is the world most tattooed person.

This man is one hundred percent (100%) tattooed according to world record.

He is the ‘world most tattooed person’ since 2006 till date.

Lucky’s tatoo is something on a different level entirely. This man tattooed the whole of his body these include;

1-Insides of his mouth
2-Insides of his ear
3-Insides of his foreskin
4-Insides of eyelids.

Lucky’s title was given to him by World Guinness Book Of Records in 2006 till date. It’s a title formerly held by Tom an English man.

Lucky Diamond Rich grew up reading about most tattooed men and women in the world before he became interested.He is also known for his performances at international arts festival.

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