Disadvantages Of Children Using Technology Today.

Although there are countless positive things to be said about children using technology, like all things, it has its downsides.

There is a large number of disadvantages of children using technology today. These range from big problems to small problems, however, all are of equal importance.

Technology has a huge influence on education and with this, children are becoming over-reliant on technology and becoming lazy.

These days, for schoolwork and projects, children are getting all their information from computers. Although the internet is correct a lot of the time, there are claims that suggest that there is also a lot of false information on the internet.

This also puts forward the idea that children are moving away from the old, traditional way of studying which has proven to be not only more successful but also healthier for the mind.

From a very young age, health and fitness is vital for children. However, with a huge increase in the use of technology in children, it can be noted that more time spent using these gadgets, i.e. more screen-time, is lessening time spent carrying out physical activities.

This has a huge influence on a child’s health and well being and means that they are not getting the exercise they should be getting.

A huge part of the development of young children is creativity. A child’s creative instinct can be greatly reduced with technology.

In the past children have used their imagination to develop their creativity however now with the help of the internet, children are simply looking anything and everything up and therefore they are not using their creative mind to its full capacity.

Children of today are beginning to lose touch with their social skills. A huge reason for this is technology. Most children today have some form of device or games console which seems to take over their lives.

It is important for children to interact with people physically from a very young age but technology is interfering with this and it causes a number of knock-on effects as a result, such as the development of bad social skills.

Technology such as video games and consoles and devices that are designed to amuse people isolate children. This too leads to very bad social skills but it may also lead to health problems for children as they grow up.

Another problem very noticeable in children today is manners and etiquette. These days children have their heads stuck in whatever device they may have whether it be a ‘Nintendo ds’ or an ‘iTouch’. It is a known fact nowadays that families find it difficult to remove their child from a games console/device, especially when there are visitors. I for one can speak from experience.

It can, therefore, be said that there a lot of cons that come with children using modern technology and it is my utmost belief that these problems will only get worse as we delve into the future.

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