Days of Uni – Surviving University As A Tomboy Who Attracted Women

Going through university education forms some of the most interesting aspects of our lives. With Days of Uni, We’ll explore some of the most interesting stories out of Universities.

For our first episode, we talk to Princess, a tomboy who had to go through Uni rejecting advances of other women.

Have you had any sexual encounter with a woman?

Yes, I have. It happened when I was in secondary school.

Secondary School?

Well, I attended an only-girls secondary school and if you have heard tales about same-sex schools, then I’m sure my story would sound like child’s play compared to what others have done or did.

So what’s your Story? I mean the encounter.

I actually didn’t want to do it, but I had no choice because I was a junior and I wasn’t planning on getting in trouble with the seniors around that night. We were having our social night, and I was asked to do it.

Do it? What was “It” 

[Laughs] It was just kissing. I kissed another girl and that was it.

So what was the story when you got into Uni?

In uni, it started from the moment I moved into my hostel, it started out as compliments then graduated to flirting here and there, but it became really serious when I decided to vie for a political post in the hostel and I had to do the routine Room to Room campaign

 What happened?

There was this particular babe, she was always hanging around, she was willing to campaign for me anytime. Always doing stuff that made me notice her anytime I was close by, tried to make me comfortable around her, even offered free stuff every other time.  Then it graduated to texts, she said all sort of things. 

I wanted to tell my friends about it, but I was scared they’d embarrass her, so I kept mum. But I made sure we met only in public places,  Until one night…


She asked me to kiss her. I declined. Told her it was wrong and me being a tomboy doesn’t mean I was into girls. So She started playing the pity card thinking I was going to fall for it. 

Oh wow.

For more than a week, she kept asking when I would kiss hoping that I would change my mind but I said it wasn’t going to happen. 

Another girl came into the picture and that was when she withdrew.

Sounds like you were quite the hotcake back in school

[Laughs out loud] The thing is, they kept coming. They never stopped. Different stories but I was able to comport myself. I didn’t want to judge them and at the same time, I wasn’t going to let myself to be used as some sex toy for sexuality experimentation.

Wait, you didn’t think they liked you enough to want to be with you.

Nahh, I don’t so. I felt it was just youthful lust. In my opinion, they just wanted to experiment and I wouldn’t do what I’ll forever regret. Different shots were fired! Funny thing, most of them didn’t get my number directly from me, some later snapped out of their fantasies and apologized later, some didn’t. Well, I did well by blocking them after school.

Did anyone of them mention that they like you? 

Of course yes. Through Chats, only the ones that were bold enough though.

So you never got involved with any one of them? Even if it was just kissing.

I never kissed anyone, but it was really tempting I must say. I mean these babes are not regular babes o. Correct fine babes that boys would use years and money to chase.

What if they were really into you? Or did you have a boyfriend or a guy you were close to at any point during this period?

Maybe, I wasn’t ready to give any of that a thought. And yes, I had someone someone, but he wasn’t my boyfriend. He was a classmate and we were super close. I really liked him, but we didn’t end up together. Anyways we move.

How were you able to get over the whole pressure? Did you ever think of  trying to see what felt like.

Yeah, who no go think? But I think I have a high level of discipline and perseverance. It might be tempting, but I’ll never do it. Also, I went home often at weekends. I went to my friend’s room often, locked myself in my room if roomie wasn’t around. I also made sure I was always around people if they (the babes) come close

Those were the things I did mainly

So what’s your love life like these days?

I’m single o.

Single? Why?

Nothing o. I got into a 6month+ relationship with a guy again, but that ended a while ago. I feel God is saying I should hold on so I broke up with him. 

Wait, What?

[Smiles] Yes, he’s still saying I should chill. It’s all for my good. 

I’ll be rooting for you

Thank you,

Thank you for sharing your story with me.

You’re welcome. 

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