Days of Uni – “I Think A lot of Us are doing this sex thing wrongly”

Going through university education forms some of the most interesting aspects of our lives. With Days of Uni, We’ll explore some of the most interesting stories out of Universities.

Every week, we have conversations about life in universities and talk to someone currently experiencing or has experienced it. This week, we speak to final year student who thinks we are all having sex the wrong way, well except her.

When was your first sexual experience?

My first sexual experience wasn’t consensual, I was raped.

Wow. I’m sorry about that.

Thank you.

What happened? Do you know who did it?

No, and I kinda don’t want to talk about it now.

That’s fine. Sorry that you experienced that.

I’m good now. Thanks.

So when did you first have consensual sex?

I was 19. It was with my first boyfriend. We had been dating for like 2 years and had done every other sexual thing apart from penetration. Went over to his place one day and we thought we’d give it a try. I didn’t enjoy it though, because he was huge and I technically had never done anything like it before.
It was actually really painful.


It was very short, you could call it a quickie lol. I was very uncomfortable, so we just stopped.

Did you guys try again after that time?

Of course, we were not going to stop after that. We tried to make it better, so there was usually a lot of foreplay before diving right in.
So it wasn’t as uncomfortable as the first time.

Oh. That makes sense.

Yeah. It got better with time.

How was Sex with him though?

It was great actually. Because I knew I didn’t start having sex the right way, sex with him confirmed that it was something that could be enjoyed and gave you pleasure.

By the right way, you mean the sexual abuse?


Oh. Sorry about that once again.

Lol. That’s too much sorry now.

Did you guys do anything out of the ordinary?

Hmm…No actually. It was mostly exploring our bodies. Discovering what brought all the orgasms to the party.
What we both like to be done so we’d enjoy sex more.

So when did sex with him stop?

Stopped when I was 21 or so, we broke up so that was the end of that.

Did you take a break from Sex after the break up?

Yeah, for like a year. Fresh out of a relationship, decided to take a break and besides I wasn’t particularly interested in many things.

So when did you resume?

Like a year later, after my absence in the game. I was looking for love and everything in between.

So I met this guy, and he was cool. We got talking and we became really close. We didn’t start having sex immediately though.

You were trying to see what worked the both of you?

Yes. We eventaully ended things sha. Distance was an issue, and he was insecure. Then I started seeing this new guy.


We were both in the same school, so the sex was constant and really great. He is the one I had the best sex with, and he was really good with his tongues and mouth.

There was a night when we had sex all through the night in different places in his house with a lot of head.

Oh wow.

I’m telling you, it was mindblowing lol. We fell out of love and broke up after he graduated.


His loss. I’ve enjoyed myself.

What do you think about Sex?

Sex is something that should be enjoyed, I mean why are you rushing and not taking your time to pleasure yourself.
You and your partner should explore each other’s bodies so you know what makes you get multiple streams of orgasms.
Sex shouldn’t be one-sided and be made to feel like a chore.

Hmmmm. I’m “joffing” things down.

LOL. Communication is really important in securing those orgasms. I let my partner know how what I want and how I want to be fucked. So to who reads this, open your mouth and say what you want.

Do you think people are having sex the wrong way?

Yes. There are people who don’t even foreplay before getting into the act. No kissing, no toe curling head before finishng it off with intense sex. All some of you do is just get untop and down like you’re climbing a horse.

Also, moan as loud as you can, make that noise sisss, there’s no need to hmmm everything in, let your neighbours know your partner’s name. Nobody wants to just keep staring at a blank mute face, body language is important, and that goes for guys too. It is possible you both parties to orgasm, it’s not a hidden treasure in a forgotten land.

Is there anything you want to try that you haven’t tried yet?

Yeah, Proper BDSM.

Wait? Really?



I just want to see how much pain I can endure. I don’t feel pain, I’ve tried it with piercings, so I want to try sowthing else.
Also, I like being spanked and dominated during sex, so that’s also a reason.

Omooo. That’s next level.


If you rated your Sex Life on a scale of 1-10, what would it be?

10/10. I get quality orgasms and I ensure does same too. I’m adventurous and always looking for ways to get it better all the time. So I can say It’s been great.

Nice. Thank you for sharing.

You’re welcome.

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