Days of Uni – Bad Sex? What’s that? I’ve Been getting the best sex of my life.

Going through university education forms some of the most interesting aspects of our lives. With Days of Uni, We’ll explore some of the most interesting stories out of Universities.

Every week, we have conversations about life in universities and talk to someone currently experiencing or has experienced it. Last week, we spoke to a Tomboy. This week, we talk to a second-year uni student, who is delighted with the kind of sex she’s been getting lately.

When was your first sexual experience?

I don’t like to remember it because it wasn’t consensual. I was raped and abused sexually while growing up, so most of my first sexual experience started at a very young age.

Sorry you had to go through all of that. Was it from someone close?

Well yeah, it was a family member from my mum’s side who raped me. The abuse came from my neighbours at the time, three siblings. A girl and her brothers.

Wow. That’s crazy.

Very Crazy. I try not to think about all of that.

Really sad that you experienced all of that.

Thank you.

So when did you have consensual sex?

The first time I had consensual sex was when I was 16. I was dating my ex back then.

How long did sex with your ex last?

We were together for a year and a half. Everything I’ve done sexually started with him. We broke up, came back again, broke up again, came back. Anyways I finally broke things off with him.

How was sex with him though?

Sex with him was actually boring, but as per my first boyfriend, it felt like the best thing after slice bread. He brought down my confidence. It was when I started being with other people that I came out of my shell.

By coming out of your shell, what do you mean?

Like exploring what I like. Understanding my body. Understanding what the person I was with should do to my body.
It wasn’t easy tho, cause most guys are not really about giving a girl orgasm. Their own is just to cum. So it was hard
Like when I was with my ex, he always says I give the worst head. Mehnnn, he was big and I was just an amateur. I actually found out that I give the best head.

Ouuuu. That’s sounds hot.

[Laugh] It wasn’t easy. Imagine having sex and getting irritated.
To get out of my shell, I started with videos and all, touching my self the right way.
You know what, I’m blessed cause I can actually give myself all the pleasure I desire.

So who was the first guy to bring you out of your shell and when did this happen.

Sha my first orgasm sex was when I travelled to Ibadan from Lagos to meet a guy I was trying to date. He was a virgin, and sex was terrible, the whole thing lasted for seconds. What a waste of sin.

So there was this guy I was texting all the while, we had practically done everything over the phone. So I decided to see him, and that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in this life. Multiple orgasm guyyyy.

He still tells me that was the best sex he’s ever had since then. This was in early 2019.

Wait, you went to Ibadan to see someone, but ended up getting the best sex from someone else?

Lol, you can’t blame me. The chemistry was clearly not there, we only vibed online. Besides, he broke up after I came back to Lagos because “he wasn’t really interested in me” and only asked me out “because of peer pressure”, such an idiot.
I’m glad I took the opportunity when it opened up. I never regretted it.

That must have sucked.

Well it didn’t, cause I enjoyed myself. Lol

So since you broke up with your boyfriend, you didn’t get any sex till 2019?

Nope, just whack sex

Whack sex doesn’t count as sex for you?

[Laughs loudly] No! I’m even feeling irritated thinking about it.
If it doesn’t get my body tingling, abeg o, no be sex be that.

E for Energy.

I can’t settle for less mbok.

So since 2019 till now, it has been consistent?

Not every time, I think I’ve had 4 months difference sha. But I just don’t hook up with anyone
I do friends with benefit. So it’s just having sex with a particular person couple of times.
Until they ghost or we just stop vibing. But it’s always fun, wild, intimate with them
Anyways I’m trying start dating again, but I’m not just down for anyone. I need someone that would understand me.
You get?

Yeah, I do. So how’s sex life being in 2020, with school, Covid and other stuff?

Well, the beginning of the year was a mad cruise with me. I had a new guy I was involved with from late 2019.
I even developed “feelings” lol. Every moment with him was maddddddd
He ghosted me, just as the lockdown started. Apparently, he started dating then, broke it off later.
Didn’t contact him. Cause I get pride, you can’t just ghost me like that.

Haven’t had a friends with benefit relationships since then. Just random flings and meeting up with old flings.
My sex life hasn’t really been busy, and I’m also on the hunt for a man.

Of all the men you have had encounters with, who did it for you the most?

The last friend with benefit lol. But there is a guy I had flings with early this year.
We met up recently, and gosh it was so crazy.

Oh, wait there is another one.
Known him for like a year plus now, we had never met, but the tension was evident. So we decided to link in October, and I can say ia that it was worth the wait.

Those are my top 3. Lol

Sounds like you’re totally enjoying yourself.

Because I’m single does not mean I will be in misery na. I cannot kill myself, I gats enjoy to the fullest.

Where’s riskiest place you’ve had sex?

Hmmm, the riskiest was in my house. Locked my friend out for a quicky.
Mehn crazy. If I was caught ehn. Omooo.

What made it risky?

Because it’s basically my mom’s house and my house is free, anyone can come in at any time.


Real omo.
Na konji cause am o.

How about the longest you have had sex?

Longest? I don’t know how long it lasted, but it was when I had 7 orgasms. Really crazy
Side thoughts to girls “don’t be jealous ehn, just understand your body and you can do more!”

Oh wowww.

Yeah wow, lol.

Has Sex ever affected school?

Nope, not in anyway. I never let it get it in the way of my studies.

Any sexual fantasies you want to fulfill?

Yessss. I have always wanted to do it with a girl.


I think a lot about it and my body reacts when I watch them in action.

If you had to rate your sex life, What would you give it?

8/10. I still think I have alot of exploring to do, so yeah, 8 would do for now.

Thanks for chatting.

Thank you for texting.


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