“A man like Ozo is not a man”- Nigerian men share thoughts about #BBNaija housemate, Ozo

There is really no kind of buzz that this BBNAIJA 2020 has not caused. It has even succeeded in creating enmity and scattering relationships based on who you “stan”

But the conversation today is that of recently evicted #bbnaija housemate, Ozo and his insistent expressive feeling for fellow housemate, Nengi. If you have been following up with the show, you cannot miss how much Ozo followed Nengi in the house, going on and on about how much he loves her. Constantly did she reject his advances, insisting she did not want to date him, calling him her bestie, but that never stopped him, not even a little. As a matter of fact, his “following” and emotional confessions became more.

Even with the quite embarrassing exit, with Nengi rejecting his goodbye kiss, his final words while he left were “Nengi, take care of Nengi. I love you Nengi”

While a lot of fans called it “true-love”, others do not share the same perspective. Some have called it sick, some call it a close step to obsession, others say he is pretending and many Nigerian men seem to be angry.

We asked some Nigerian men how they felt towards Ozo and his way of love and this is what they had to say;


Omo that Ozo na fool o. Na man be that? Ozo no be man na. Girl shame you 600 times and you still dey shout, I love you. E never know girls at all. She will come out of that house and if she by mistake win, nothing for this mugu o


I would rather own the reputation of Timini that be an Ozuor for one day. How can I be following woman up and down like that? Woman that has rejected me on international TV. No no no. I am sorry but no. I can never expose my emotions like that


I really don’t see anything wrong in the way Ozo loves though. I mean the only issue is that she did not reciprocate, otherwise it would have been a beautiful love story. I am not ashamed to lie on the mud just so the love of my life won’t step on it. Deep down every girl wants an Ozo and it is the truth


Well, Ozo was in love but in my opinion, there is a thin line between love and obsession. He wasn’t taking his rejection well at all. He pressed on and even while he left the house, he still thought of her. As beautiful as it seems, that can easily turn into an obsession later and it is unhealthy. I believe Ozo needs to accept rejection because it is a way of life. Not everyone will love you


I think the problem with Ozo is that he has never had a lady that didn’t want him. Perhaps he has never even asked a girl out before. Maybe he is the type that has girls fall over him. So meeting a challenge in a house where that is the only person he sees? Of course, he acted like a child. He became clingy because he could not understand it. Possibly, all the girls he does not want, want him and the first time he wants someone, she rejects him. Must have been strange. I don’t think he is at fault


Ozo? Well, I won’t lie, he is one brave guy. Expressing his feelings so shamelessly on international TV but honest to God, I won’t do it. Na so see finish dey start. There should be boundaries abeg. Babe already said no. He should keep a low profile. If he just shifted small eh, na Nengi for come dey beg. But well, sense is not for everyone.


Personally I think he was pretending. Maybe at first he wanted her or liked her but check that kind guy out na. Girls mostly don’t say no to him. He clearly does not take no for an answer so it is either, he was upset at being rejected and wanted to push till he taps and then run or it was a strategy for him because na so we guys be o. Once you reject us, we must collect and reject you back


Na yansh just confuse that guy. Honestly, because why will someone just want to publicly embarrass himself. I feel for him o because na so yansh sef dey do me. It can make me wash pant.


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