8 girls reveal silly things they did for men they liked

Love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It becomes worse when the person holds your mumu button. You honestly will not be able to help doing almost anything for that person.

Dear ladies, let’s admit something, you all are quite emotional. When you are in love, like truly are, you really want to impress that guy. You don’t want to stress him. You just want to love him. Call it stupid but at a point, this stupidity was yours.

Think about it. Now, what is the worse thing you have done for a man?

These 8 ladies were brave enough to share the silly things they once or twice did for the men they had feelings for


I shaved my entire body all because I heard my crush say he doesn’t like hairy girls. I wasn’t even that hairy but that quickly changed because the hair grew back with force and thickness and I didn’t even get the man


I use to share my monthly money with my boyfriend then. My dad used to give me 30k monthly allowance while I was in school. I shared it 50/50 with my boyfriend then. His dad is late so I didn’t mind because mine will always give me extra if I asked. My dad lost his job in my final year and I lost my boyfriend too


My boyfriend would give me money to go to the market, I would take mine and add cos I know what he gave me won’t do. I will still come back and give him change just so he can say I know how to manage 😂😂


My ex likes to form chef. He will put sand in garri all in the name of creating his own recipe. He sucks at cooking but I will eat and tell him how delicious it was. I had food poisoning one time and still told him it wasn’t his food that I ate something else before. I for die for that relationship


I don’t think my ex gave me orgasm once. Like that guy was clueless in bed. He would just rub spit all over me in the name of kissing and just jump right into penetration. His strokes were not even good but me? I would be shouting “yes daddy”. I suffered abeg and I didn’t even cheat. Chai


My ex was Muslim and I was Christian. We wanted to elope. My dear, we had a full plan and everything. I even thought to get myself pregnant. Na God save me. He got a scholarship abroad and abandoned our plans


I hate cooking. I don’t know how to sef. But my boyfriend loves “home-cooked meal”. I use to buy food from one Iya and warm it very well as if I was the chief cook before he gets home. He would give me money to cook, I would go and buy food because what is it? The Iya even started doing package for me. We are not together again sha. His useless friend caught me and told him.


I shaved my hair and dyed it because my ex was obsessed with the likes of Nancy Isime and Amber Rose. It was annoying. They were even his wallpaper. I had bra length hair and I cut it all because of man. Where is he? With a nappy-headed wench!!! F*@K you Chidi!!! 😭😭


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