6 unusual things women find attractive in men

What do women find attractive in men? The first things that would come to mind are; six feet tall, chiselled chest, rich and well, cliché stuff. While these may be true (sometimes. As a matter of fact, I really can only agree to the rich part), women are attracted to a bunch of things that you may not be aware of.

If you are eager to find out what these things may be, then grab a seat and read on. You are about to get a lot of shocker.

Honestly, I feel like I betray ladies by doing this revelation but these niggas gotta know. Some of them try too hard. They have to know not to try or even bother so much.

So right to it. What weird or unknown things do women find attractive in men?


I KNOW!!! Scars? This is not even my handwriting. When I threw the question out and someone said this, I had to tell you guys. In their words;

“I just love to see scars on a man. It shows he has a story to tell, he is a warrior, a survivor. I find it really sexy. I want to hear how he got each of them while I play with it. It is a very big turn on for me. I don’t like face scars though. I would rather it is in strategic places where only I get to see it. Like his back. God his back!!

“I love scars o. All type of scars, anywhere in his body. This is why I am into those long Yoruba marks. Like hello tiger. It is the reason why I chose Kilmonger to Tchalla, he had beautiful scars. So, Yes to scars any day”

“Please he has to have a scar o. What will I be rubbing to ask ‘how did you get this’ if he doesn’t have a scar? If he doesn’t have one then he should go and injure himself or get a tattoo. That counts too”

Gray hair

Daddy issues? Just want a sugar daddy? Well it’s her choice isn’t it

I love a man with gray hair. It is very sexy. It gives him this appealing older look. I really do not have a serious reason behind this. I just know it is something I pray for my future husband to have. I won’t mind if he is much older than me, I just want the gray hairs. It would give me the George Clooney effect and who wouldn’t want that?”

Owning a dog

I won’t lie, I fux with this one. I smiled at it and had to share because apparently, we are many

“Dogs are the cutest thing in the world. When a man has a dog, he has part my attention already. When the dog falls in love with me, it is just God telling me that man is mine forever. Dog is God spelt backwards so yes, a man that loves dog is a man of God”

Speaking his language

So the Western world really wants to turn us to something else. It is nice for a man to be well spoken, have good command of the English language but apparently, some ladies would really rather you use your native language

“It really does not matter where he is from or what language his speaks, I just want to hear him speak his language. Yes English is nice but I hear it everyday. Let him just speak his language. Even if its an exclamation or something. I especially love it when he rains praises on me with his language. I don’t even want to know the meaning. It would just make my heart dance.

Chubby guys (Plus size)

Thinking of going to gym to impress that girl? Already at the gym? Put down that bench press before you kill yourself. Some of them ladies like you chubby.

“I love a guy with enough flesh. Sure packs and chiseled chest are great but show me some belly. I want to rub it while I go to sleep. I am not saying pot belly sha. I am saying I don’t mind a little belly there. I like my men fleshly. As long as the extra weight does not affect his health then it’s all good”

“I love me a big man o. Ah. No jokes. The best part of the Avengers for me was when Thor added some weight. He looked like a snack. I really wish they could keep him that way sha. So yes I love my man chubby and big”

Hairy men vs Clean shaven

It is not every time beard gang. Some girls could actually do without it. Some like it though. Let me just let them ladies tell you what they do like

“Give me all the hair. From head to toe, I will take it. Yes even chest and back. They are sexy. I like hair o. I don’t even understand why a man would want to be hairless and clean shaven. Yuck!! Give me some of that caveman look abeg. God help the man that is hairy and blessed with dreads. Chai”

“I like hair but only on head and face. No where else please. I love my man to have some dreads on him but SARS no dey let them see road. If he has beards with it, then great. But I cannot deal with baldness abeg”

“I normally keep quiet when people talk about this beard thing because I really hate it. It is always in the way. I have dated a bearded guy before. I really hated it. I could not hug or kiss him without hair entering my mouth or scratching my face. Abeg no. I want him clean shaven. If he is even bald sef, no wahala. I will rub his head and kiss his clean hairless chin”

“I only like hair on the head. Not much sha. Properly cut but please no beards. I cannot deal with that. I still hate Drake for getting a beard”

“I love a man with beards. Just beards. Bald headed bearded man. I will be rubbing his beautiful head while playing with his beard. I love to see it”

As long as the hair is not on his body, we are fine. He can decide to keep a beard or not as long as he has it on his hair, we are great. I mean he has to have hair o. What does he expect me to grab when he is down on me. Let’s not kid ourselves”

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