6 unusual things men find attractive in women

Every man has something that they find attractive in a woman. Some men are what we call “ass men” as their favourite feature in a woman’s body is her ass. While other men prefer boobs

While this is a normal physical attraction, there are some things that men find attractive in a woman that would seem, well, quite unusual. When you ask a man, “what is it you find attractive in a woman?”, you really do not expect him to say the following:


Apparently there are some men that like clumsy women.

“I really like it when a girl is clumsy. I find it cute. She could just be walking with plenty books or shopping bags and really struggling to keep it all together. I just want to help her keep it all together”– Chukwuma

“I think it is adorable when a girl can’t hold it all together with her tiny fingers. Its not a masculinity thing. I just find it adorable”– Seyi

Heavy MakeUp

It is quite common when men say “I like her without makeup” but there are actually men that are into the whole makeup thing. They like their girls on makeup and heavy ones too.

“I love my girl looking like Barbie. It amazes me how she can just switch up her look with wave of different brushes. Its a big turn on for me. I just love it” Tunde

‘I love girls with makeup. Might not be heavy but it should be present. I won’t even mind if she wakes up to do her makeup before me. I am not saying natural beauty is bad, I just love to see girls on makeup. It makes them look classy” Tim

No Makeup

Just as some guys like makeup, some do not. They would rather you just stay and not have any makeup on

“I love a girl that can give me that Alicia Keys vibe. No makeup, cornrows or braids with skin like milk. The whole makeup thing is just too much for me” Lawrence

I don’t like makeup. I don’t like to worry bout hugging my girl because she might stain my cloth or be kept waiting when we want to go out because of hours-long makeup. Natural beauty is beautiful. I love girls with a skin routine than makeup routine” Richard

Girls on glasses

“Ahhhhhh. I cannot even overemphasise this. Girls that wear glasses will always bring me to my knees. They always look so nerdy and beautiful and classy at the same time. Chai!!! Even thinking about it makes me weak. Like if I am mad at my girl and she goes in to wear her glasses, aunty just take all my money” Ehis

Stretch Marks

It honestly pains me when I see girls trying to remove their Tiger Stripes. Yes, that’s what I call it. It is beautiful. I love it so much. When I see stretch marks on the ass eh, it just makes me happy. I call my girl “Tiger” because of it. I’ve told her not to remove it o. Otherwise, we would have problems” IYKE

I love stretch mark. Not those ones on the arm or armpit o. I think those ones are due to bad chemical cream. I love the ones on the butt and thighs. You know when an artist paints and leaves some lines that give his work an artistic imperfection? That’s what I think God did when he put in those beautiful lines on those perfect ass. I just love it. God dey paint sha” OPE

Crossed Eyes

People actually do like weird things don’t they?

Crossed eyes eh… They are beautiful. I remember the first time I saw a girl with crossed eyes. I had no idea she was looking at me. She was really pretty. When she came to ask me why I was staring at her, I was shocked. It didn’t even look like she was staring back at me. I asked her how she knew I was looking at her, she said she had “half past eye” that its her superpowers. I was really young then but I know I fell in love that day. We dated a while but till today, I look forward to spending the rest of my life with a girl that looks at me without actually looking.” RAMSEY


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