5 Nigerian Brothers Relate To Wardrobe Malfunction

'Yikes! It IS open! Hey, thanks a lot!'

Last week, the ladies told tales of how their great outfits turned into great disasters . The guys not wanting to be left out have described theirs too. The need to look good is not gender specific, neither are the mishaps that could come with it.

Read the stories of these Nigerian brothers and how their outfits showed a little bit too much 😉😉


One time, I went to use the restroom and I remember zipping up when I was done. I came out and was walking back to class feeling good with myself. Then I noticed people were whispering and trying to hide smiles. I didn’t count it as anything until I sat down beside my guy and he said, “Thank God you wore nice boxers today.” Then I looked down and saw that the zipper had come clean off of the other half. I almost died of embarrassment that day!


Lmao, okay so this one happened way back in secondary school. They used to slit boys trousers that they thought was too skinny. I wasn’t one of them but, for some reason, the man was in a bad mood and he picked me out too and cut my only good pair of trousers, long-ass slit that went up to where my boxers were The worse thing was it was in front of my crush then, I was so damn embarrassed but I tried to rock it with confidence like it didn’t bother me, but deep down I was embarrassed as f@#k. I had to go all the way home like that though, enter bus and take bike 😂🤣. My trousers were flying with the wind like an 80’s boot cut.


I have experienced ripped clothing but thankfully they have all happened in a place where I am comfortable- At work
I don’t remember feeling embarrassed at all. Some days, I wore a colleague’s trouser while I fix mine, some days, I cover up with my work coat. I guess accidental cloth rips are not high on my embarrassment list


I am an early bird, I always come to work early, so I was almost at work, at Falomo precisely, I decided to hop down for a passenger, as I wanted to climb back, I heard that sound, MF chinos pant had torn. I stapled the MF till the super-mart close to work opened where I went to buy safety pins.


This brings back a very funny memory at work. I loved to seat in the front and my company’s hall was quite long. I was one of the clowns of the office so this day, a Monday, I stood up to go take a leak. When I came back, everyone was laughing and mumu me thought they were acknowledging my presence. I was feeling myself and walking down the aisle. I had walked more than halfway down the hall when someone called my attention. He was like “Bro, your zipper” and I looked down and my God. I felt like vanishing. I just joined in the laughter. Let’s just thank God for strong underwear. It would have been another story.

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