3 Ways Fuel Attendant Cheat Their Customers And How To Stop Them

This article is like an eye opener to all buyers of petrol products. Some pump attendants are very heartless, you will want to buy 4,000 naira worth of fuel and you may go home with just 1,500 worth of petrol. I have carried out a careful survey and these are three common ways you can be cheated in a petrol station if you are not sharp

1.The Distraction Method:
When next you visit a petrol station to purchase petrol, never get distracted. Focus your eyes on the pump as lot of attendants are fond of continuing from previous sales, always make sure the metre is reset to zero before they commence your sales, you might want to buy 3000 naira fuel and they have previously sold 1000 naira instead of them to reset the pump to zero. If you are not watchful, they will continue from the previous 1000 naira and you end up getting 2000 naira fuel instead of 3,000. So shine your eyes and don’t be distracted.

2.The Recall Button Method :

This one is similar to the one stated above, there is a button in every fuel pump called the recall button. It differs in name in some pumps though the function of that button is to go back to previous sales you have made for that day. So if you are customer B and customer A bought fuel of 5,000 naira and you want to buy 5,000 naira, they will reset the pump to zero naira and ask you to look at the pump that they have wiped it in order to gain your trust then they will start selling. The moment you feel comfortable and turn away your face, they may end at 3000 or 3500 and press the recall button to bring the previous sales of Customer A which is 5000 naira and it will then appear on the pump and you will think your fuel is complete. always be observant

3.The Nozzle Hanging Method:

By default, when you lift the nozzle from the fuel pump to sell fuel to a customer it is supposed to automatically reset every digit on the pump to zero including price and liters but these dubious attendants have devised a way to manipulate it. When next you get to a petrol station and you observed that the nozzle is hanging in a suspicious way, focus your eyes on the attendants, he may want to do something

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