Who’s this tech bro we have today?
Hi, I’m Brian Omoruyi, a graphic designer, junior website frontend developer

2 roles in 1, a man of timber and Caliber.

How long have you been a designer and developer for?
About 3 years as a designer and 2 years as a developer

How did you happen to become a graphics designer and Graphics designer?
Well, I started off as a photographer and videographer till one day I needed to do my own logo and
decided to look up how, watched a bunch of videos, read articles and boom, we’re here.

Oh nice. I’m guessing you became a web developer because you needed a website.
Lol yeah, but not me exactly, it was my mum that needed one.

So you designed the first one and thought, why not just continue with this thing?
Yeah, thought it would be a good way to get extra pocket money

How does this work? Are you a graphics designer by day and developer by night?
I’m either whenever it’s required and both sometimes

What do you enjoy about being both a graphics designer and website developer?
The creative process of it all.

Could you tell me more about that?
Lol, that would be a whole course if I was supposed to do that.

Hmmmm. Tech bros and their big tech stuff.
Lol. No vex

Do you get to transfer knowledge between both skills?
Yes, of course, frontend web Dev to me is like graphic design with code. Everything just flows and
the end results are somewhat similar. Working to create something beautiful

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
What do you mean by highlight?

I mean like what work you’ve done or projects you’ve been involved with that remains special for
I don’t think I have done a project that I’m really proud of yet. I’m still growing and I hope to do one

What are some challenges you have faced
Well, marketing myself and my services as a freelancer and getting clients to pay my given prices
when I started.

Isn’t this the case for everyone?
Yeah, freelancers.

So do you consider yourself a tech bro and do you enjoy the benefits?
Lol, I actually don’t get the concept of the “techbro” thing.

Tech bro, someone who works in tech.
Lol, I know what that means.

So you don’t get the tech guy treatment?
I do a lot.

What’s that like? What kind of treatment are those?
It’s a lot of pressure sometimes, you know, people expecting you to know all things tech, but that
topic is so broad and my field is so little, so yeah, it’s a lot of pressure sometimes.

That must be stressful for you.

None of the special stuff, like the funds bit?
Lol, wetin be that?

How long do you expect to continue in tech?
Till I’m like 40 or younger, I must sha blow before I stop

What does blowing mean to you?
You know, that major project that defines your career much like the guys at paystack or at least just
earning enough to establish a long-lasting business.

Everybody wan blow?
We gats blow.

If you were not in tech, what would you be doing? I’ll still be doing videography, I still do that as a hobby.

What would you say to someone who’s trying to get into design/tech?
Grow a thick skin and don’t marry your work.