FINTECH TODAY: V says it is creating financial inclusion for everyone.

On the first episode of Fintech Today, presented by Streamline media and aired on Naija info, 99.3, V, represented by Mr Ebere Ahaotu, the senior product manager for V bank mobile banking, states that V came into the market to give customers a feeling of inclusion in all their financial processes.

On the first episode of Fintech today, hosted by Tunji Andrews, Mr Ebere states that in the country’s financial process where there is little to no end to end customer experience, V comes in to provide that service to Nigerians, giving its customers a better experience whereby there will be no requirement of paperwork or human intervention. Customers will have a seamless experience and be able to start and finish their banking processes on their own and enjoy the experience as they use the V app.

Mr Ebere states that V provides its services to small business owners. According to him “V recognises the importance of small businesses in the Nigerian economy and as such V caters to the financial needs of small businesses and has solutions and services specifically for them. For example, V provides loans to small businesses. Business owners can apply for loans on the app or contact a customer rep. They will get instant reviews and their loans granted at the shortest possible time”

On the vision of V, Mr Ebere states that V has the vision to become the major banking acquisition for Nigerians. V visions to have specific services that will tailor the specific banking and financial needs of all its customers. In the next 10 years, V sees itself becoming a household name.

In addition, V promises a whole package for its customers during the coming festive season (so brace up everyone. Follow V on all social platforms @vbankng to keep yourselves updated).

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