Covid-19: Senegal becomes the first country with the highest recovery rate as they produce their own testing kit

Senegal is testing everyone in it’s territory for the Coronavirus. The most astonishing thing is the cost of a test kit which has a value of US$1 only. The method is the most affordable across the whole world.
The testing machine was made at its Institute Pasteur.

The country is testing everyone for the virus whether the person has symptoms or not. The test kit was first used to test fever.

There is no need for a highly equipped lab and the testing is proving a success, a 3D printing machine is used to print more test kits. The country has a tiny health budget but boasts of wealth of experience at dealing with infectious diseases and outbreaks.

The country has 50 ventilators for 16 million people. Imported ventilator costs $60,000 while the one they invented costs $60 only.

There is no shortage of test kits as Doctors draw blood and saliva and patients wait for blood lines to appear like a pregnancy kit.
They plan to produce millions of for the rest of Africa.

Let’s not forget that Senegal has the highest recovery rate of coronavirus cases on the continent. The country has 2 deaths and is rated third in terms of recovery rate from the virus in the whole world.
See sample test kit and Ventilators in the Video below.

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