You definitely need Geography classes if you cannot get 12/16 of these landmarks

The world has remarkable and beautiful landmarks. Many of these landmarks at a time made their way to the “wonders of the world”. While they are still a wonder, how many of them can you identify?

Play this very interesting and engaging game and lets find out who needs to get Geography lessons.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it right, you’ll learn a lot from the quiz and that’s really a win too 😉

Share with your friends. Don’t have all the fun alone.

Identify these world Landmarks

Find the Tower of Pisa

Here is the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Located in Italy

Find the Colosseum

Here is Colosseum

Located in Italy

Find Mount Rushmore

Here is Mount Rushmore

Located in South Dakota, United States

Find the Stonehenge

Here is the Stonehenge

Located in the United Kingdom

Find St.Basil's Cathedral

Here's St.Basil's Cathedral

Located in Moscow, Russia

Find the Eiffel Tower

Here is the Eiffel Tower

It is located in Paris, France

Find the Great Wall Of China

Here is the Great Wall Of China

It is Located in China

Find the Sydney Opera

Here is the Sydney Opera

It is located in Australia

Find the Pyramids of Giza

Here is the Pyramids of Giza

It is located in Egypt

Find La Sagrada Familia

Here is La Sagrada Familia

Located in Barcelona, Spain

Find the statue of Liberty

Here is the Statue Of Liberty

Located in New York City, United States

Find Taj Mahal

Here is Taj Mahal

It is located in India

Find the Golden Gate Bridge

Here is the Golden Gate Bridge

Located in San Francisco, California, United States

Find Angkor Wat

Here is Angkor Wat

Located in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Find the Chichen Itza

Here is Chichen Itza

Located in Yucatan, Mexico

Find Christ the Redeemer

Here is Christ the Redeemer

Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

All 16 questions completed!

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