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Throwback To The 90s. How many Cartoons Did you watch?

During the weekend, I bumped into the ‘new BEN 10’ cartoon. I was both appalled and nauseated. The Ben 10 I knew looked nothing like that. When I first saw it, I really did assume they pushed with the “Ken 10” (son of Ben 10). When I saw it was still Ben 10, I was angry. I mean that’s not Ben!!

It may be that I am overreacting but that cartoon taught me mad sarcasm, the love of family and understanding being a teenager. Seeing it like that was just “Bleh!!”.

I mean even the aliens look different. It used to be a competition between my siblings and me to name as much aliens as we could. “Its hero time” never sounded cooler. This new one is just sad

And it’s not just Ben 10, its everything else. Being a kid used to be fun. Now all the kids just want followers. There were a lot of cartoons that shaped our thinking. Kids next door someone taught numbers, then leadership and having a codename. I was number 5!! Courage the cowardly dog will make you love dogs even more.

Back then, things were either funny or not. But now you have to consider a whole lot before writing because you don’t want to be sued for being racist or sexist. It’s just a lot now

Safe to say the internet has really spoilt a lot. Kids no longer want to play. They want to have followers, be influencers and have sex. It is really heartbreaking. Our cartoons might seem lame due to the 2D drawings but they were highly entertaining

The other day, this 14-year-old girl had no idea who Rapunzel was or why I wanted my mane to be like that but she sure knew Kylie Jenner. Argue and say Kylie is a real person but, are you a kid if you don’t have a fairytale life? This life is difficult, kids are not supposed to be immediately exposed to that. They are supposed to live happily and enjoy their childhood.

I can go on and on about how this life “don spoil” but we really cannot change anything at this point.

But I would, however, implore you to walk down memory lane with me. Lets throwback to the time life was easier. Let’s expose those who are truly the 90s kids.

How many of these cartoons did you watch as a kid?

PS, if you get less than 40% make sure you lie down and greet me next time because we are not mate at all.


Click the cartoons you have seen

Codename: Kids next door
The Adams Family
Angry Beavers
Samurai Jack
Rocket Power
Ed, Edd n Eddy
South Park
Johnny Bravo
Family Guy
Courage the cowardly dog
X-men animated series
Spongebob Squarepants
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Tom and Jerry
The Simpsons
Pinky and The Brain
Hey Arnold!
Powerpuff girls
Tiny Toons
Scobby Doo
Duck Tales
Dexter's Laboratory
Mucha Lucha
Fantastic Four
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
The Wild Thornberrys
Juniper Lee
As told by Ginger
All Grown up
Iam Weasel
Cow and Chicken
The Grim adventure of Billy and Mandy

All 1 questions completed!

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