Take This Quiz And Find Out How Quirky You Are

Everyone has a quirky side. No matter how uptight a person is, there is always that one thing that is quite quirky about that. Quirky is actually the new cool.

Many great minds were known for their quirkiness. These geniuses have many quirks they use to whip.us their inner perfect touch. Some use tomato juice smell or doves, others drink Bombay sapphire.

See the quirkiness of these four genius minds;


Alfred was a master of horror who had ovophobia which is a phobia of oval objects, like chicken eggs. The famous director had a wonderful memory: he remembered the names and locations of all the New York streets, and could easily memorize an entire phone book. He was scared of policemen which is why many of his movies were based on the fear of an unfair accusation. And finally, Hitchcock was scared of watching his own movies.


As a genius, scientists were always trying to pick his brain. It was noted that he made the people who talked to him repeat the same things over and over again. Einstein hated wearing socks. For some reason he always thought that his big toe would eventually make a hole in them.


Picasso was an artist was famous for his love life: he was married twice, but from time to time, he had love affairs with different women. He had 5 children, 3 of which were born out of wedlock. For almost his entire life, Picasso had doves in his house even though he thought they were ill-tempered birds. He also loved to shoot a rifle for fun.


The famous inventor was pretty weird. Tesla always counted how much food he ate and completely hated the look of women’s earrings. In hotels, the physicist would only stay in rooms with numbers that were multiples of 3. He also had a habit of always finishing tasks — even those he hated. He was scared of germs, always washed his hands, and because of this, changed dozens of towels every day. He slept very little: he spent about 2 hours thinking and only about 2 hours sleeping.

Which of these geniuses’ quirkiness do you think you relate most with? Play this quiz and find out.

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How quirky are you?

Imagine you are a musician. What you most enjoy about it is:

1. Expressing yourself through the music
2. Exploring your inner life through music
3. Being able to expand the possibilities of the instrument
4. Being able to share the pieces that you love with an audience

What kind of movie are you into?

1. Horror
2. Thriller
3. Romance
4. Sci-fi

Which of these shapes is appealing to you:

1. Circle
2. Sqaure
3. Parallelogram
4. I don't really care

How many partners do you mind having?

1. One at a time please
2. Not more than 2
3. As many as I can handle
4. I've never really thought about it

which of these would you consider as fun

1. Haunting
2. Walking on the beach
3. Reading
4. Tidying

How do you respond to work?

1. I procrastinate till the last minute
2. I get to work instantly. There is a lot more to be done
3. I plan how I would work before starting
4. I get excited especially if it's my thing

Do you like women with jewelries?

1. Yes! Absolutely. They are gorgeous
2. No I don't
3. I don't really care

How much do you like your environment clean?

1. I love it spotless. I cannot stand germs
2. The environment is not my problem
3. I like a clean place but I am not a freak about it

How much do you sleep?

1. Not less than 8 hours
2. Can't sleep 2 hours straight
3. It depends on how tired I am

Do you like listening to your own voice recording or watching your videos?

2. Of course. I love how I sound and look
3. I don't mind it. I mean it's me

All 10 questions completed!

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How quirky are you?

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