QUIZ TIME!! Are you Gen X, Y or Z? Play this quiz to find out

The Gen wars on twitter has been so hilarious. As it turns out, many of us do not actually know what Gen we belong. Everyone wants to be a Gen Z but you really are not.

For context, Gen X are the people born between 1965-19890. Gen Y (Millennials) are born between 1981-1996 (1995 and 1996 will still argue but we move) and the Gen Z are born between 1997-2015.

But hey, the good news is you can be a Millennial Z, so don’t feel so bad

If you do not know where you belong, we are here to put your mind to rest (or make you cry for exposing your true GEN)

Play this quiz and find out your Gen

What Gen do you belong?

What kind of music do you like?

1. Pop
2. Hip-Hop
3. Alternative music
4. I just like good music

How do you like your books?

1. Hardcopy
2. Ebooks
3. I don't mind how it comes

What social media platform do you rep?

1. Facebook and Instagram
2. Instagram and Twitter
3. Instagram and Tiktok
4. Facebook
5. Twitter

Pick your favourite rapper

1. Jay Z
2. Juice WRLD
3. 50 cent
4. I am not into rap

Which do you think make you money faster?

1. 9-5
2. Entrepreneur
3. Influencer
4. Content creator

Which artist would you rather listen to?

1. Imagine dragons
2. Billie Eilish
3. Neo
4. Brenda Fassie

Which would you rather do for fun?

1. Play video/mobile games
2. Go out with friends
3. Netflix and chill
4. Go to a bar
5. Read

What do you think we should do with the government

1. Wait for the next election
2. Fight for impeachment (protest)
3. Keep quiet and let God do his work
4. Plan to leave the country

Who is the greatest performing artist of all time

1. Beyonce
2. Michael Jackson
3. Who cares about performance? Micheal Jackson is a better musician
4. I think they are both great performers

How do you feel about this picture?

1. Lol. Mr Salami
2. When children were children before the internet spoilt everything
3. Thank God for the internet o. How was she cooking on the table?
4. What is this? Can't relate

Where would you rather shop?

1. Definitely online. No stress. Just click and buy
2. Online and Offline. I don't buy everything online.
3. I cannot trust these online people. I like to see what I am buying

Where do you source for news?

1. CNN or Local Channels
2. Newspaper
3. Instablog
4. Twitter
5. I don't follow the news, only trends

How do you like communicating?

1. Face to face
2. Text message
3. phone call
4. Chats/DM
5. Chats/DM

All 13 questions completed!

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What Gen do you belong?

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