Only music lovers can guess these lyrics

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Music is just a beautiful thing. There is no mood you find yourself that a song cannot relate to. You can do anything with music. But are you a music hearer, listener or lover?

Do you just hear music and not listen? Do you just listen and not love it?

We have put together this smashing music quiz with some throwback spice. 90s kids should ace this (Well 90s music lovers)

Only a true music lover can pass this quiz. You can try if you are not though (we sincerely advise you get checked for not loving music).

Enjoy the game and pass on the fun

Guess The Lyrics

What Nigerian music is this from?

No matter what you are going through
I will always be around

1. Joromi by Sir Victor Uwaifo
2. Afro Juju by Shina Peters
3. Osondi Owendi by Chief Steven Osita Osadebe

It is from Joromi by Sir Victor Uwaifo

Which of Prince's song is this from?

Never meant to cause you any pain/ I only wanted to one time to see you laughing

1. The most beautiful girl in the world
2. When doves cry
3. Purple rain

It is from Purple rain by Prince

What Nigerian song is this from?

Don't be sad; understand/ Everybody has a day when the sun stays away

1. One Love by Onyeka Onwenu
2. Joromi by Sir Victor Uwaifo
3. The greatest love by Whitney Houston

It is from One Love by Onyeka Onwenu

What musical is this from?

"It's our problem-free, philosophy"

1. Little shop of horrors
2. The Lion King
3. Blood brothers

It is from the song "HAKUNA MATATA" in the movie Lion King

What Nigerian song is this from?

"If you see my mama hossana tell am say o"

1. Daddy Showkey "Showkey"
2. "Diana" Daddy Showkey
3. Nkem Owoh "Susanna"

It is from Daddy Showkey's "Diana"

What Madonna song is this?

1. Vogue
2. Like a prayer
3. Like a virgin

The song is "Like a Virgin"

Which Mo'hits records song is this from?

Anything you want, I go give you
In a twitch

1. Pere
2. I wanna be close to you
3. Move your body

It is from Pere by Mohits record

What Michael Jackson song is this?

1. Billie Jean
2. Beat it
3. Thriller

The answer is Billie Jean

What Nigerian song is this from?

"E pade mi ni'sale e le le (le-le-le-le-le-le-le)"

1. Naeto C "ten over ten"
2. Lagbaja "Koko Below"
3. Dbanj "Fall in love"

It is from Lagbaja "Koko Below"

Which Nigerian song is this from?

"Ordinary thing a supernatural being I know You are just brighter than the moon"

1. African Queen by 2face
2. Fall in love by Dbanj
3. Suddenly by Dbanj

It is from African Queen by 2face Idibia

What Nigerian music is this from?

When i dey sick my mother go cry cry cry
She go say instead wey i go die make she die

1. Wait For Me By King Sunny Ade
2. Sweet Mother by Prince Nico Mbarga
3. When The Going Is Smooth & Good By William Onyeabor

It is from Sweet Mother by Prince Nico Mbarga

What musical is this from?

"All alone in the moonlight"

1. Cats
2. Company
3. Carousal

It is from the song "MEMORY" in the movie Cats

What musical is this from?

"Something has changed within me"

1. Wicked
2. Annie
3. Sunrise

It is from the song "IT IS FROM DEFYING GRAVITY" in the movie Wicked

Which Nigerian song is this from?

You suppress all my strategies/ You oppress whoa whoa every part of me

1. Ijoya by Weird MC
2. By my side by Nicki Minaj
3. Jailer by Asa

It is from Jailer by Asa

What Dolly Parton song is this from?

Your voice is soft like summer rain/ And I cannot compete with you

1. Coat of many colors
2. Jolene
3. Islands in the streams

It is from Jolene by Dolly Parton

What Nigerian music is this from?

This morning I've been soaked in mercy/ Waiting for the rain to drop the water, Lord

1. Send down the rain by Majek Fashek
2. Water by Fela
3. Remember me by Lucky Dube

It is from Send Down The Rain by Majek Fashek

Which Whitney Houston song is this from?

Bittersweet memories/ That is all I'm taking with me

1. The Greatest love
2. I will always love you
3. I wanna dance with somebody

It is from "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston

Which Nigerian song is this from?

Attention (zombie), quick march
Slow march (zombie), left turn

1. zombie by Fela Anikulapo Kuti
2. Thriller by Micheal Jackson
3. Today na Today by Omawunmi

It is from Zombie by Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

What musical are these lyrics from

"Tale as old as time"

1. Beauty and the beast
2. Mulan
3. The little mermaid

It is from "Beauty and the Beast"

What musical are these lyrics from?

"Feel the beat from the tambourine"

1. Dream girls
2. Mamma Mia
3. Sunset Boulevard

It is from the movie "mama mia"

All 20 questions completed!

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