How Generous are you?

Doesn’t it feel good to give? Putting a smile on another’s face and expecting nothing in return is the most selfless thing ever.

Many people however do not know this feeling.

Wanna know what category you fall in? Take this little quiz below and share your results..

Don’t forget to get your friends to play too.. Let’s know those that want to chop our money and not give us back😁


Do you think you would like helping teach people from underdeveloped parts of the world?

When you do someone a favour, do you expect them to return the favour?

What is your idea of a perfect resolution to an argument?

A friend from out of town comes in for the weekend. What do you do?

Do you mind breaking someone's heart?

Who apologises first when you and your partner are in a fight?

Do you find yourself giving false compliments?

Does having a debate with someone often change your mind?

Do you work well in groups?

Do you often volunteer to be the designated driver or make arrangements for a safe ride for you and your friends?

Would you allow someone else to pay for your vacation?

Your friend needs help moving. What do you do?

While on a walk, you find a $100 bill. What is the first thing you do?

If you won the lottery, which would you do first?

If your friend stands you up, do you forgive them easily?

You are having financial difficulties. What do you do?

How Much Of A Giver Are You

You give without expecting anything in return. You are most likely a romantic, always ready to make it work, You are "others-focused", and tend to provide support to others with no strings attached. You ask themselves, “How can I add value for this person? What can I contribute?” How about you give a little more today. Click here and change the world as you always do

You are the balance that exists in life. You are the perfect combination of giver and taker. You know when it is appropriate to take, and you know when it is time to give. You are not greedy, but you are not a pushover either. Your mindset is more of: “If you take from me, I’ll take from you. If you give it to me, I’ll give it to you.” How about you give it today and not want anything else? Touch a life today. Click here and make that difference, you are almost there anyway.

You come first before anyone else. All you think is what you want, never minding what others want. You are self-focused and put your own interests ahead of others’ needs. You try to gain as much as possible from their interactions while contributing as little as they can in return. Why not change that narrative today? Be a giver, you might even feel good about it. Click here and give something today

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