Are you a compactible financial partner?

Love is beautiful. We have the romance, gifts, sex and money. Today let’s play around the money. It’s just like Davido said, “Love is sweet o/ when money enter, love is sweeter”.

Six packs and romance might fade but good and secured finance will hold your relationship down. Having good finances in your relationship and even your life is very important.

How good are you with your finances? Are you the stingy one, saver or investor?

Play this little quiz and find out if you are a good financial partner. Show off your results if you are, because you are now a catch.

The financial goal test

Would you share personal financial details before getting married?

1. Yes, if I am engaged to that person
2. Yes, I have no problem with that
3. I don't feel comfortable doing it
4. No, it's my business only

Do you agree on paying your spouse’s debt?

1. No, I think it's their responsibility
2. Yes, because we are a team now
3. I agree although I am not happy with it
4. I don't even bother thinking about that

What would you do if you noticed you don’t manage to save money anymore?

1. Track spending for a month and identify leaks
2. Have a talk with my partner and ask for their opinion
3. Get angry and cut on expenses
4. Nothing really

If my car breaks down, the roof leaks, or some other emergency happens, then:

1. It won't be a problem. I have an emergency fund I can tap into.
2. I would be financially stressed - yet again.
3. I probably wouldn't panic since I tend to budget for those kinds of things.
4. I would be in a financial blind. But I think things would eventually work out somehow.

Right now, my retirement savings account:

1. Is fairly well funded. But I still wonder if I'll outlive my money.
2. What retirement savings account? I can barely pay the bills I have today.
3. I'm on target to reach my retirement saving goals!
4. Retirement is way in the future, I figured: why worry about that today?

If somebody gave me $25,000 unexpectedly, my first thought would be:

1. "Great. I'll be able to add a chunk of this money towards my student debt."
2. "Yes!!!!! Now who can I get to hit the mall with me?"
3. How can I invest this money wisely?"
4. What charities can I donate this to in order to change the world?"

When I buy a treat for myself I...

1. Don’t care what my partner thinks - it’s my money why shouldn’t I spend it how I like and feel no guilt?
2. Tell my partner, but lie about how much it really cost
3. Tell my partner eventually, but expect them to react badly
4. Talk it through with my partner as we are open and honest with each other about money

When my partner buys a treat for themselves, I..

1. Take it back to the shops and refuse to talk to them for a week
2. Get angry, start a row and accuse them of being selfish
3. Feel upset that they didn’t consult me on the purchase, but keep quiet
4. Don't worry. It’s usually fine, because we have an agreed budget for personal treats

When planning for holidays I tend to...

1. Book the most expensive package I can find, after all we all deserve a decent break
2. Get annoyed if my partner wants to spend more or less than me on a family break
3. Feel upset that we all deserve a decent holiday, but understand that we can't do that yet
4. Agree to compromise by choosing a holiday where everyone gets something positive out of it without blowing the budget

Do you have any financial secrets that you’re hiding from your partner?

1. No – I don’t have any secrets — but my partner might.
2. Yes – Sometimes I hide receipts or lie about how much something costs, but nothing huge.
3. No – We talk openly and honestly about money and consult each other before making any big decisions that could affect us both.
4. Yes – I have my own bank accounts that my partner doesn’t know about — and he/she doesn’t need to know.

Overall, I trust my partner to make smart financial decisions.

1. Yes – As far as I know, he/she has been making good decisions so far.
2. Not Really – I don’t think I’d be comfortable having my partner manage our finances.
3. Yes, Definitely – We are on the same page when it comes to our money, so I trust my partner’s judgment.
4. No – We keep our finances separate, so we don’t have to worry about these things in the first place.

Do you save an emergency fund with your partner?

1. I’m not really sure what an emergency fund is — I hope we have one though!
2. Yes – We’re working on saving up the first $1,000.
3. Yes – We have about three months’ worth of expenses saved in case of a financial emergency.
4. No – I have plenty of savings in case I need it, but it’s up to my partner to save for their own emergencies.

All 12 questions completed!

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The financial goal test

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