The Longrich Alkaline PI Cup is an easy, refreshing way to reset, balance, and energize the entire body. The cup’s unique filtration technology converts everyday drinking water into ionized, alkaline water, helping sustain the body’s natural pH levels. In other words, the cup has the
ability to convert your normal drinking water into alkaline water which helps to nourish your body and combat all sorts of Viral diseases and infections.

Why should you own a Longrich Alkaline PI Cup?

● It changes your water to Alkaline water which helps maintain the body’s pH level.
● It prevents cancerous cells in your body since they cannot leave in an alkaline medium.
● It also revives damaged cells, expels free radicals and prevents diseases like diabetes,
epilepsy, asthma and heart diseases.
● It helps to slow down aging, keeping you young and healthy.
● It neutralises excess acid in the body for effective mechanism.

The product has a tourmaline gemstone which has a lot of benefits and it can be used for up to 25 years.

The cup costs #20,500 which includes delivery.
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