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Cupid played me last valentine

STORY TIME!!! You know how people believe that cupid is the “god of love”, well he really isn’t. First of all, he is the counterpart of Eros and he really is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection…

He is the reason behind situationships and entanglements (if you believe in them Greek mythology)

In this season of “love”, we walk down the memory lane of Miss Anon as she recounts her last valentine and how cupid got her good!!!

Could you do a brief intro and tell us your relationship status

Well I rather not say my name so let’s stick with Miss Anon. I am 27 years old and very single

27 and single. How long have you been single and how has it been for you especially during times like this

I have been single for 4 years now and contrary to belief, being single is not a bad thing. I use to think it was. It is a process of self enlightenment and love. Everyone needs to be single at a point in their lives so they can know how to love themselves. You cannot expect to be loved when you don’t know how to love yourself. I won’t deny that it is hard especially at times like this when everyone is loved up, wearing matching sweaters and all. You just find yourself screaming “God when”

What happened with your previous relationship?

Well, he left the country 5 years ago. We had been in a distant relationship in the 7 years we were together but it was just by different states, nothing a weekend getaway didn’t solve but another country was something else. We tried to cope for a year then we realised it wasn’t fair to either of us. So we broke up. There is no hate between us. I still care for him and we are still in contact.

7 whole years!! Wow. Many marriages don’t even last that long. So the entire four years you have been single, have you tried dating or you just like being single?

Oh I’ve tried. I’ve tried but niggas aren’t shit these days. All they really want is sex and really that is ok. If that is what you want from a lady, state it. Don’t go making a lady feel like you love her when you don’t

Wow. Sounds like you’ve been through it. Was there anyone that felt real at least? They couldn’t have been all bad

Well there was the one, last year. I know I have tried seeing different guys but I never was in love. I wanted to date, yes but it never felt like love until I met this guy. My God, I didn’t think I would click with anyone after my ex but he made it easy. Our friendship was beautiful and we connected in more ways than one. Of course it didn’t work out but it was nice feeling like a queen again

So why did you guys break up?

We had religious differences. He was Muslim and I am Christian.

Wow. That’s huge. Didn’t you know this before you started dating?

Of course I knew. But I have never been one to think about such. But it was not the same for him. He cared too much about the difference. Kept on talking about how our families will be at it. I really didn’t care. My siblings and I are close so they already supported me when they saw how happy I was. I did try a lot to push for the relationship but it didn’t work out

Hmmm. That’s sad. So where is he now?

Oh he’s married now

Wait… What!!!

That’s right. Married!!

Wait how? I thought… Didn’t you say last year? When did you guys break up and when did he get married and why so fast?

(laughs) That’s a lot of question. Let me see how I can put this story short. So we met October 2019. By December we started going out. By January 2020, we started going back and forth of how it would or would not work. He tried so many ways to push me away. He even told me he was married with kids. He told me they were abroad and he was just here a while and he was to go back soon hence the reason why we had to break up. I remember crying all night and he didn’t tell me he was kidding until morning. He claimed he just wanted to see my reaction. I think part of me started to hate him after that. Because, why would you go through all that trouble of making me cry just to break up with me. Men are weird

Damn. Then what happened?

We were pretty lowkey by February. On the 13th of February, he called to tell me he couldn’t do it anymore that he wasn’t seeing how this could work out. Honestly, at that point part of me was already drained from the back and forth. Because of the long distance I had with my ex, I never got to do occasional things like celebrate valentines or birthdays. I actually thought this was going to be my first real one but oh well cupid decided to play a fast one on me. On Val’s day I was in my friend’s place. She arranged a small house party and invited friends. She started asking me to invite my man. I didn’t know how to tell her he ended everything the previous day, a day to Valentines. As the spirit would have it, he called me apologising. He said he hadn’t realised the dates and he should have waited

Was that supposed to make you feel better?

I asked myself the same thing. He showed up at the party. We kept up with the act and went our separate ways afterwards. Then the lockdown happened. He would out of the blue tell me how much he misses me and all. We talked and video called a lot. I enjoyed talking to him so much I forgot we had problems. This guys still was telling me he loved me. After the lockdown, we went out and it was like everything was fine. In June, one of my friend was getting married and this nigga offered to be my date.

We are already in June and you guys are still loved up. Where did his marriage come from?

(laughs) Well after being my date, he went back to avoiding me. I remember I told him not to invite me if he ever was getting married because I would be hurt. I told him to tell me when he finds someone so I can know to move or how long I have because it was evident that the relationship was leading nowhere but I just wanted to be with the man making me happy while I could. Stupid, yes, but it was what I was doing. Soon after being my date, he went back to avoiding me. Me I was tired of talking to him and getting cold responses so I just stopped. Sometime late July, he uploads a picture all dressed with caption “now I’m ready”. He had apparently been renovating his house. Something about the post just hit me and I asked him “Are you dating now?” and he goes “I thought you said you didn’t want to know”. I was confused. I told him I never said that. Then he said “yes I am”

No freaking way!!! No way!!! He had that girl all along. You can’t tell me anything. Did you know her?

I had heard about her. He told me they were close friends and had known each other a long time. I remember asking him once if he liked her cos of how he acts when they talk, and he was like “No o. Ah” When I confronted him about lying, he said he wasn’t . That they have been friends for so long and just started dating. By September they were married. I found out through pictures. According to him, he didn’t see a point wasting time.

I have officially run out of “wows”. Do you two still talk?

Once in a heavenly grace. He checks in on me but we really cannot be friends as far as I am concerned. This is not him getting into a relationship. It’s him being married and I wasn’t even prepared for any of it. Nah, friendship will be a milestone

Do you have any regrets though?

Truthfully no and if I am veing honest, I am happy it didn’t work out. I was working with my emotions. We would have had problems later, serioys ones. I am kinda grateful he fought for our breakup because I may have regretted it later.

Hmmmm. Well this was quite the story. Anyone in the picture now? Any Valentine’s Day thing this year?

Oh no. There is abosolutely no one. It’s just going to be me, Sam Smith and the Notebook this valentine. But it’s all good. My time will come and you all won’t hear word (laughs)

Yes it will. Thank you for joining us.

It was my pleasure

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