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Will Burna Really Get The Grammys With This Album?

Twice As Tall Review Featuring Nazcargad

Burna Boy shook the world with the release of “Twice as Tall” on the 13th of August. The album which was co-produced by American rapper, Sean Combs “Diddy”, did not hold back in blowing the trumpet of the African Pride

Since the Album came out, everyone has been on and about how this Grammy deserving when compared to the Grammy-nominated “African Giant” album. While this may be true as the album is true “fire”, there might be some factors (just one really) that may not allow the album get to that point

I bumped into Nazcargad’s review of the album and because they read my heart content of the album, we will be featuring their review here.

Firstly, I will like to address New York’s description of Burna Boy as “Beyonce endorsed”. It is actually very insulting to even think that Burna is only recognised because Bey said so. Burna is the “African Giant” and no hive or Queen can change or upgrade that.

I do not agree with Nazcargad for saying “Burna boy in 2020 is a bigger name than Beyonce”, he does, however, have a point that “Beyonce commands a large following (mostly women), she cannot lay claim to representing a continent”


The 15 track album has been scored over ten by Nazcargad and Horus will agree or disagree with this scoring.

  1. Level Up ft Youssou N’Dour. I will have to agree with Naz’s 6/10 scoring. It is a beautiful way to begin an album. Featuring the legendary Senegalese musician Youssou N’Dour showed that Burna himself is on a legend level. The message that follows the song is strong and powerful and you cannot help but get a sense of that African Pride

2. Alarm Clock. This is a solid 7/10. So again we are on the same page with Nazcargad. This song will literally wake you up and prep you real good for the rest of the album.

3. Way Too Big. I will have to disagree with Naz on this for their 4/10. I will give this song 8/10. Burna has always been referred to as proud and that is exactly what he portrayed here and like it or not, “the proud shall inherit the earth”. This song surely shook a lot of trees Naz

4. Bebo. Yes, Naz’s 3/10 was right here. This song does seem like one of those you just “throw in there” just because. There really isn’t anything great or special about it. But it is still worth listening to

5. Wonderful. While Naz gave it a 3.5/10, we would be rounding it up to a 4/10. Maybe it’s because we heard it way too much before the album came out but the song does not really depict the title. And it does kinda sound lazy, which makes the line “I no want make person tell me say I too lazy” very ironical

6. Onyeka. This is an absolute 10/10. Onyeka Owenu should be all smiles with this. Nazcargad is right here. This does ring a lot of Owambe. And to answer Nazcargad’s question, “Why does Jackie Chan keep coming up in love songs though?” Jackie Chan is probably always used as a reference in love songs because his stunts are real, done by himself and he doesn’t seem to be scared to jump into fights that seem above him. Jackie Chan is one of those that seem to be able to win any fight no matter how long. Who doesn’t want a love that strong?

7. Naughty By Nature. Lets just quote Naz here, because I couldn’t have said it any better “9/10. Nostalgia for 90s kids. Very well done”

8. Comma. “This one is for all my comma babe”. Just by that, I see all the girls in the club jumping up and vibing to that DJ that “has sense”. This is a definite 10/10

9. No fit Vex. Another 10/10 for us. There is no hustler out there that won’t like this song. We are all trying to meet up with life. Life is happening and we are doing our best to keep up so we “no fit vex” for each other. We can only hope we get to where we are fighting to reach. So, yes, this is the song for the streets.

10. 23. This song was unique but I would be giving it a 9/10 in contrast to Naz’s 10/10. Again Burna talks about his pride and how incredible he is, which is all true but I still do not think its worthy of a 10

11. Time Flies ft Sauti Sol. This has to be the best song of the Album. I mean the harmony, the lyrics!!! It was a lot. I had this song play so much that at a point I felt I understood Swahili. Even the outro, “Black people are turning the tables, taking back our place
We will be heard because we matter”, doesn’t that just increase your black shoulder pad? I agree with Naz here. This is a 12/10 song. Giving it a 10 would be rather insulting. And like a wise one said “Playing this while driving on the highway is highly recommended (drive safely though)”

12. Monsters You Made ft Chris Martin. My earphones were on fire with this. I really cannot decide which is better between this and Time Flies. Burna left his zone on this. He didn’t sing in his Afro-fusion here. He went all out. And Chris Martin, Oh Chris Martin, we thank you. The message of this song, the African Pride/fight for recognition and acceptance (because let’s face it, the colonialists only came to steal from us. They really ruined everything from there onwards), everything was beautiful. This is a song that gives you fire and goosebumps at the same time. While Naz gave it 11/10, I will stick with 12/10 here

13. Wettin Dey Sup. The beginning of this song always draws me back. Its so xxx “I no be one of those men wey dey fear Toto f**k yash”. This song right here, if not anything else, might be one of the reasons why Burna might not get that well deserving Grammy. The rainbow community will definitely not find that line funny. But that aside, this song is still a 10/10. I mean a Telz and Timbaland production? C’mon!! “wetin dey sup?”

14. Real Life ft Stormzy. I sure do love the new Stormzy and Burna. This song gives us a journey with both parties with a great message. It talks about perseverance and the importance of peace of mind. The song does give you something to think about so I will agree with Naz 10/10 here

15. Bank on It. This is how you end an album. Its like the part where you finally get an orgasm after climaxing for so long. I’ll give this a 9/10.

Is this album deserving of a Grammy? Most definitely. Will it get it? We’ll see.

Do you agree with us in this scoring? Let us know in the comment section below

You can read Nazcargad’s full review here.

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