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Why You Shouldn’t Compare Ronaldo And Messi

Before you start a comparison chart, it is important to note that both are the greatest players to ever grace the pitch. They have supremely different styles of play and succeed phenomenally with their respective teams. 

From the days of Pele, to the years of Maradona, then the reign of Zidane, soccer has seen some phenomenal athletes. In modern times, we are blessed enough to see two players who make the case for being all-time greats: Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. 

Here are five reasons why this two great talents shouldn’t be compared.

  1. Goal Scoring:Prolific is one of the best words to describe Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. They both have easily outscored the rest of the world’s best players. Two consecutive seasons of over 50 goals for both players. In 2012, we saw record-breaking performances from both players; Messi becoming Barcelona’s all-time leading scorer, Ronaldo scoring 100 goals faster than any Madrid player ever.
  2. Team Work : We’re dealing with comparing players at two different positions. Playing centrally, Messi should be expected to pass more and spread out the defense. He can see more of the field because of where he’s playing and he has teammates on all sides of him. Passing makes sense.In contrast, Ronaldo is out wide. He’s the fastest player on his team and many times leaves his teammates in the dust as he advances down field. From the wing, the passing opportunities are fewer, which is why you will see Ronaldo drop back to Marcelo so very often.  
  3. Team Reliance : Who is more important to his respective team? People from both camps love to argue that without one of the players, their teams would fall apart. The argument is not surprising, but what is the number of people who believe Madrid and Juventus are more dependent on Ronaldo. How often do we hear the media comment that Madrid and Juventus need Ronaldo to perform well if Madrid hope on winning? How often are losses blamed on the Portuguese winger, especially in El Clasicos? If you look at Messi though, it’s clear that Barcelona are more in need of him. On a world scale, Barcelona are more dependent on Messi to score.
  4. Attitude : Messi is arguably the most naturally talented player in history. He’s beaten the odds of a growth deficiency to develop into one of the world’s best. And he’s humble. That’s fine. Ronaldo was not supposed to be one of the best in the world. There was a time when people thought Quaresma would be Portugal’s star winger. Ronaldo is the single hardest worker in the sport and has fought hard to earn the title of world’s best. How can you blame him for being cocky? Both players have got humility on and off the pitch. For players that have attained such height in their careers and still be humble and down to earth. 
  5. Silverware: I see no reasons why these two players should be compared, they have both been awarded with the title of the world best player and also the Balloon D’or awards on different stages. They have both been a Key figure both in club and country. I believe all we just have to do is sit back and watch this two play,enjoying every bit of them until we get to see them quit football.

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