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Why Football Brings People Together

Andah Balikis

Football is not just a game but also a tool that breaks down social and cultural barriers on and off the field.

Players from all walks of life are tasked to put away their differences and work together in pursuit of a common goal, which is, victory over the opposition, to win the game.

The lessons learnt in the game, will be practised over time among the players’ communities to impact the livelihoods of the inhabitants.

Football has the power to create amazing changes. It is a tool that bring people together, creates conversations and gets people unite around a common platform.

Spouses, parents, friends, families, fellow citizens as well as fellow cheer leaders and fans with similar interests are seen cheering one another on from the sidelines.

People talk about how their national team idols played and demonstrates the power of the impact of football as a tool to connect young people to their various societies.

Football is one of the mediums that connect people and their communities to create positive social change and development. You can make great connections through football. Merely supporting the same team as a client or employer can actually make a job feel easier.

In football, fans are seen displaying the ability to immediately bond with someone they just met supporting the same team, and interacting like they’ve known one another for years,in the way they joke, laugh, hug with cheerful hearts, irrespective of their differences in tribe, religion, nation and personal beliefs.

The game of football is creates an opportunity to make friends, unity in diversity, tolerate individual differences without coersion and create everlasting memories.
It’s also an avenue to see corners of the world and understand the diversity of people.

In a world where crisis exist and pandemonium can come at anytime, football is the one thing that can make 80% of the world calm down. The World almost stands still when the champions league anthem begins. It is a very relaxing feeling.

The feeling of togetherness brought by football cannot be overemphasized, the love, unity, seeing each other as fellow humans and adjustable without discrimination or hatred is a great experience courtesy of football.

In this global pandemic we are currently facing, the one thing I know I miss the most is football. I honestly cannot wait to argue about teams and matches again

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