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Warrior Nun; What would you do if you were in Ava’s shoes?

The Netflix original series that graced our screens on the 2nd of July, left everyone talking. As everything else, it was loved and hated by the viewers.

Personally, I think it was quite the show. Imagine the nuns you see around every time cleaning altars, serving communion and taking catechism classes, being bad ass warriors with Kung-fu skills. That’s quite the show if you ask me.

We all had our favourite characters. There’s Beatrice, a personal favourite and the true bad-ass (excuse my French) of the show. The epic Hallway fight with Beatrice would leave the hardest hearts to fall for her. I’ve never seen so much grace in a battle before.

Then there is “Shot-gun Mary”. Lets face it, being black makes everything look cooler, and Mary, knows how to be black. Her final moments in the season finale has left everyone wondering if there would be a “Mary” in the next season. I do hope so.

Lilith, an ambitious and very entitled character. Would you blame her though? Imagine being trained all your life for one purpose, only for it to be given to someone else, a complete stranger. It has got to hurt. But its life. You mostly get the unexpected. I wonder what her little trip to the other side has turned her to. Oh well, she wanted powers and looks like she has gotten some.

And the star (not so much if I’m being honest) of the show, Ava. Let me just say, for a while, all I wished for was to get on the show and beat some sense into her. I thought she was ungrateful. I mean, she was dead. Like DEAD!! No life and yet, accept the gift given to you, and you run off. It was quite annoying. She was like those annoying teenagers you just want to leave a boot up their a$!#

But when you really think about it, you cannot really blame her. She had literally been in bed for over a decade. Unable to move anything but the “finger” (found this really hilarious). The first time she feels her legs and herself, she is told the “fate of the world rests on her”. Honestly, anyone would run.

To her, this was a second chance at life. A chance to run, walk, fall in love, move around the world and do all the things she couldn’t while in bed and a group on “NUNS” wanted her to be part of them. It was just too much for a kid to handle.

She did come through later. She is definitely strong willed and I am pretty sure we will love to see more of her in the next season. With the way her character is being built, she most likely would become a force to reckon with. But let me not be too hasty in raising the bars so high. Learnt that lesson from HBO’s Game of Thrones 😒😒

Yes she seemed selfish but she had a right to be.

I may be wrong though. Put yourself in Ava’s shoes, would you jump into being a nun and take on the task of the world?


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