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Lagos, Nigeria. June 10th, 2020- V digital bank powered by VFD microfinance bank has announced the kickoff of a weekly online game show, “WIN WITH V” which promises participants fantastic cash prizes.

V which has solidly been keeping individuals busy during this pandemic through its “Veelage”, has again introduced another means for people win money through their brain power.

The game show, which focuses its categories on Geography, about the V app, sports, mathematics, trends, Nigerian history, human anatomy and global events, promises cash prizes on every question answered correctly.

Participants who win prizes are required to use the V app as all cash prizes will be sent to their V account.

The game show which kicks off Friday, 11th June, 2020 is opened to everyone within the ages 18-45 and will be hosted by Mai Atafo on VTV Live on instagram.

The show is sponsored by Cellar Central, Dynasty Real Estate, Anchoria Investment and Securities Limited, Anchoria Asset Management company and Ebar Metro.

Winners will get prizes and freebies from these companies.

About V

V is an Internet and mobile application that enables consumers to manage multiple bank accounts using a single easy-to-use web-based interface.

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