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Meet Hawwal, the man on his way to dominate the entertainment industry

On Up n coming today, we speak to Hawwal. Hawwal is a man of many talent. Aside his musical talent, Hawwal is also a cartoonist, a filmmaker and well, he is entertainment.

Read the interview below and get to know Hawwal.

Ladies, the targert is clear, feel free to shoot 😉

Hello. Please do a brief introduction of yourself

Hello. My name is Hawwal.I am an R&B artist, Actor, Instrumentalist and Filmmaker. I am from and live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am of Nigerian and British descent.

Tell us about your professional background

I’m a filmmaker, actor and singer. I started off my career participating in a theatre play by the Thespian Family Theatre (TFT) and then I went on to feature in my first screen movie series “Jenifa’s Diary”. I have also played lead roles in major TV series, Movies in Nollywood and have appeared on TV shows and TV Commercials across Africa. I currently have one E.P out titled Unleashed and it was released on the 23rd of December 2020. 

When did you begin your journey as a musician?

I started professionally sometime 2013/2014 when I recorded my first single for a series I was on at the time titled “A minute to shine”

What inspired you to begin making music?

Music has always been a way of life for me, I don’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t sing, but I would say Michael Jackson played a huge role in inspiring me to sing

What genre of music are you into?

I do RnB with a fusion of afro pop and hip hop.

Singer, producer or writer?

I’m a singer, writer and soon to be producer.

How long have you been in the music industry?

I would say professionally; 7 years.

Is there anyone in the industry that inspires you?

At the moment, it would be Davido. His consistency is admirable.

What inspires your music?

Love, everyday life and God’s word.

What was the idea or inspiration behind your last EP? Is there a story behind it? Like a personal love interest or so?

My last or debut ep ‘Unleashed’ was inspired by my surroundings, my observations, literally everything I may have felt and come across over the years and I decided to package all that into that EP. It has been in the works since 2017 and I super glad that I finally had the opportunity to share my message with the world.

What part of being a musician do you enjoy the most?

Having to create melody from nothing, I live and breath sound and creating new melodies is one of the best experiences in my life and career as a singer

Are you currently signed to any label?

No, I’m not

What label do you dream of getting signed into?

I think as of this moment, I’ve out grown that dream. Maybe it would have been RCA or Sony or Interscope but right now, I just want to make beautiful music and let the labels worry about me when the time is right.

What is your long-term goal in the industry?

To make Iconic sound and reach places that the African sound has not even dreamt of reaching. In addition, hitting multiple Platinums record sales.

Aside music, where else would you say you find refuge? Is it all entertainment for you or are you into something else?

It’s all entertainment for me, I’m a filmmaker, I do 2d animation which I earn from and I also work in a digital marketing company where I oversee their video contents used in their commercials and for other purposes.

Who would you like to do a collabo with?

The weekend and Burna boy

Do you get support and recognition from other artists more popular in the industry?

Yeah sure, Olakira is one brother and friend that has really been supportive.

What is it in the industry that you hate the most?

I wouldn’t say there’s anything I hate, everybody is literally just running their race. It’s not like there’s massive support coming from the Government so everybody is literally surviving and so far so good, the music scene here in Nigeria has grown immensely and I’m proud to be coming from this part of the world at this time.

Which of your songs was very personal to you and what inspired that song?

The song titled Jeje. At the time, alotta things were just wrong in my life and I decided to write that song to encourage myself and any listener who would listen to it.

What challenges do you face in the industry?

I would say one challenge is meeting the right people to do the job well. As an indie artist, there’s an 80% chance of coming across crooks and undependable people out there that are just so eager to dupe artists for their hard-earned money because believe me, a lot of funding goes into any song that wants to be heard. so, I would say if there can be a smoother and ‘more effective’ system for upcoming artists to promote and share their work with the world, maybe like a governing body that have registered agents to work with. That’s would be really cool.

Is music your forever plan? Or do you have your eyes set on other things?

For a fact, I’ll do music as long as there’s air in my lungs but for sure at some point in my life, I’ll definitely be leaving the music scene for upcoming acts of that time. Maybe I’ll try politics then, my fingers are crossed on that.

What say you about musicians that do not write their own music?

I would say they are really smart and they are the best kind of artists cause no man is an island. Your ability as an artist to tell peoples stories through melody to influence in one form or another makes you an artist. The top American singers do it and they create records that will never be forgotten. If they do that, I’m pretty sure we can aswell. 

Who would you say is honestly the biggest act in Nigeria at the moment?

Burna boy

What’s your relationship status? 

Lol. I am Single

Well, you are certainly a charmer. We would love to connect with you. Can you share your social media handles and link to your music?

Across all social platforms: @itshawwal. You can listen to my songs on here, here and here

Thank you for joining us.

You’re most welcome

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