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Foods That Kills A Man’s Fertility

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It is important to understand that our diet plays a crucial role in keeping our health in check. While working out regularly and stress-management have their own share of importance in maintaining good health, what you eat still takes the top slot.

Hence, if you and your partner are trying to conceive or you have plans to become a father in the nearest future, then you need to say your “merry farewell” to these foods

  1. Sweets and soft drinks. Consuming excessive amounts of sugar increases the risk of poor heart health and also deals a huge blow to sperm quality and count. You’re also more likely to be at a higher risk of obesity and high blood pressure — both of which are bad news for your chances of conceiving.
  2. Processed meat. Meat is love, but keeping your love for meat aside, it is important to consider the kind of meat you choose for yourself. Organic meat is fine, but the processed variety is not something that we would recommend. Meat such as bacon, ham, bologna, salami and hotdogs will hurt your sperm quality as it much as it will your waistline and heart health. They have a lot of preservatives that can hurt sperm quality. Some processed meats also contain more hormones than regular meat, and can thus affect testosterone levels.
  3. Canned goods. In preserving the foods, cans used are lined with Bisphenol A (BPA) resins, a chemical that can have effects similar to estrogen and thus can lower your sperm count and quality. Do also avoid using non-stick pans which are often coated with unhealthy chemicals like perfluoroalkyl acids that reduce sperm quality.
  4. Organ meats. Liver, intestines, etc might be tasty, but they are rich in cadmium, a mineral that affects your sperm count.
  5. Alcohol. Alcohol consumption, even in moderate amounts can significantly impact your sex drive. On the other hand, large amounts of beer can increase the estrogen in your body, and thus lower your sperm count. Alcoholic drinks also take a toll on your liver, so it’s best to avoid them if you can.
  6. Tofu products. Consuming high amounts of soy can actually decrease one’s sperm count because it can mimic the female hormone, oestrogen. However, it’s still unknown just how much soy you’ll need to eat will produce this disastrous result. To be safe, avoid soy sauce, tofu, edamame and tempeh.
  7. Full fat milk and dairy. If you want your ‘milk factory’ to work as it should, stay away from dairy. If you are someone who loves milk, cream and cheese, it could be time to change your eating habits. Full-fat dairy is known to contain estrogen, as it comes from animals. The steroids given to cows to increase the production of milk could also be blamed for the low quality of sperms. Pesticides and chemicals from the environment can sometimes get eaten by cows, which bind to the fat in a cow’s body and also goes into the milk. These chemicals can then cause low quality sperm. If you are concerned with your full-fat dairy intake, you can either switch to almond milk or a low-fat dairy alternative.
  8. Fruits and vegetables with pesticides and preservatives. Although they are used to keep vegetables fresh, some pesticides have been known to cause infertility in men. Therefore, it is best to eat organic vegetables and fruits so that you can be sure that the food you are eating is free from harmful chemicals.
  9. Caffeinated drinks. If you possess undying love for tea and coffee, this one will make you question your love for them. What if I told you that coffee and tea can actually harm your sexual health? More than two cups a day can harm your reproductive cells. So if you can’t completely give up on caffeinated drinks, you must limit the consumption to only two cups a day.

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