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Uncovered: A Demon’s Guide To Bagging A Side Chick

Scum of the Earth men get in here…This here is a guide

A guide on how to get a Loyal side chick with the least amount of drama. One who might help you in covering your tracks, one who might adore you yet at the same time love/secure your relationship and offer premium guidance on how you should handle your relationship. Lucky you might even have her stay faithful to you.You get the freaky freaky, the love, the commitment but not THE COMMITMENT.

You need a side chick, for at least one of the following reasons:

  • You are in a long distance relationship and PornHub + Hands combo has gone on too long
  • You are exhausted and need the thrill
  • Transactional sex as paying hookers is beneath you
  • You are a scum of the earth cheat who doesn’t need different young ladies/good for nothing fun yet needs to keep a couple of steadies (A cheat with a heart)

Whatever your explanation, I don’t pass judgment. Follow these simple steps precisely and you have yourself a LOYAL SIDE CHICK 

1. The first step is BE ATTRACTIVE. In the event that you ain’t, you truly have no business here. Adhere to your MAIN chick who cherishes your ugly ass. Being alluring in itself isn’t sufficient, you must have game. Given the current time, game isn’t so significant, standards have truly dropped and women anticipate the barest minimum (Reason I didn’t put “Getting Game” as a step by itself). In the event that you have old fashioned game, you are good to go. If you are attractive with practically zero game you may continue to the steps below and may the odds be in your favour. 

2. Set aside funds. I won’t dance around the issue, DATING IS EXPENSIVE. Dates, transport and logistics, condoms, gifts, staying in contact (airtime and data). Remember the QUARTER RULE. You are only permitted to spend a fourth of what you spend on your main chick on your side chick. In the event that you burn through 200,000 on the main chick, your side chick spending plan is 50,000. If you decide to up your side chick spending plan, you should likewise build main chick’s.

3. Identify the chick. I will assist you with the “stereotype” for a drama free side chick

  • Great looking
  • Confident
  • FEMINIST- essentially a strong female with the “I don’t need a man” aura. She needs to be the sort of chick who can say “I am using him for sex as well.” A tough lady, you need somebody who is occupied, somebody with a career to keep her focused and shield her from fixating on you.

4. Build up contact and STUN. You can’t be NORMAL, you need to not fit the normal man generalization. Be an ideal gentleman (the patient wolf), the sort she reads about in books. Act like you are Richard Mofe Damijo. You should show glimpses, only glimpses of an internal insanity, an inward darkness. That is the grain for the bird. She will be desperate to understand you, she needs to see your crazy, your darkness.

5. On the off chance that things progress fine, dates end well, kiss(es) shared, home invitations honored. It is now settled that she is into you. She is hooked, feminist that she is, you have probably even smashed. This is the ideal opportunity for the most critical step, THE BIG CONFESSION and this is your script

“<Insert name> I need to tell you something, things moved so quick between us. I did not want to ruin the moment. I fell for you in a twinkle of an eye. With you I can be myself….Truth is I have a girlfriend (THIS IS NOT A GUIDE ON HOW TO CHEAT ON YOUR WIFE, EVEN SCUM HAVE ETHICS).”

After you have dropped the bomb, she will get distraught. Walk her through her annoyance, BE THERE. Allow her to vent, let her be mad, assist her with understanding her outrage, tell her you understand her frustration

“I realize that retaining this information is equivalent to lying, to be fair to me, I didn’t plan this, I couldn’t in any way, shape or form say-Hi, I’m Mike I have a girlfriend. IT DIDN’T COME UP and we had such chemistry, I would not like to lose that. The reason I am telling you this is cos this fire is getting wild, I cannot control my feelings for you. I have truly fallen for you.”

Presently now, she fills in the spaces for herself…The two of you are entangled, you would not like to stop the ride, presently you are conflicted. It is important you give her nothing that helps fill in these spaces. Let her fill her answer sheet herself

6. After Step 5, stay in contact, try not to be too forceful. Most side chicks fall away now yet if she is the one for you, she will push past this. She will come to understand that you are not hitched and you are fair game. She will “expect” things are not extraordinary with your main chick (as a rule things with main chick are usually brilliant) and afterward her feminist brain will persuade her she is playing around with you as you are with her. YOU MUST HOWEVER NEVER SPEAK ILL ABOUT MAIN CHICK, ONLY SPEAK OF JUST HOW PERFECT SHE IS. She will love you for adoring the main chick and endeavor to ensure both of you make the most of your entanglement while she fights her inner self who is doing everything she can to dislodge the main chick. The ideal mix; these are the realities of the case in her head

  • You are an incredible person who she met at a wrong time
  • She can’t resist you, she is so into you
  • You are HONEST, she acknowledges that
  • You would prefer not to lose her, you are crazy about her too, just lamentably you have somebody as of now (again timing)
  • Your sweetheart is wonderful so she needs to up the freaky freaky and nasty if she has a shot at keeping you for herself
  • You splurge on her or pamper her (Humans find it difficult to leave pamper zones)
  • She is single and on her own part has no reason not to roll with someone she finds attractive, you are the delinquent, she is allowed.
  • She is just using you for sex, when you begin to request more, she will cut you off, she can’t in any way, shape or form date a cheat.
  • She’s truly not into keeping numerous sexual partners so she will confine her wrongdoing to just you

7. In the event that you get to 6 and have her with the above thoughts in no specific order and a number of variants.Congrats, you can continue to make the most of your Side Situationship. One thing is for sure though- YOU WILL GET CAUGHT or SIDE CHICK WILL KILL YOU .

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