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Tech Bro: “Being a tech bro is overrated” Okoro Joshua UI/UX, Designer

Who’s this tech bro we have today?

Okoro Joshua is the name. I’m a UI/UX Designer and Graphic Designer (Branding Precisely). I work at evolve credit and a graphic designer

How long have you been a designer for?

3 years now.

Nice. What led you to a career in tech?

Well long story started as a dev after getting my first laptop 2017 Face with tears of joy

Got robbed so I figured I didn’t have to practice design when I left the hub I was at.

Wait. You got robbed and decided that software development was not the way again?

Lol. Nooo

I got robbed and starting from no laptopit was easier to design than code.



So, was the plan always to end up in tech? Or when was the “tech na the way” moment for you.

Lol. 2017, Tech is a means to end for me.

Money must be made..


Since you became a product designer, whatr has been the highlight so far?

Highlight? I’m looking for money, anywhere money dey, I follow go. Na the highlight be that.

Lol. How about some interesting products that you have worked on?

I’ve worked on a couple, and they have been stressful and amazing. You can find them in my portfolio here.

How about challenges, what are some you have faced?

LoL it has to be payment issues, clients bringing up issues when they can’t pay and projects almost done

Or working with devs who promise you all the earth and don’t deliver.

What is the hardest part of being a tech bro?

For the tech bro I feel it’s kinda overrated so just expectations and you might be struggling but then there’s the whole tech bro hype.

Have you ever being treated different when you tell people you’re a tech bro?
It’s either the entitlement with expectations or the Yahoo stigma Bullshit

Expectatation relating to money and giveaway

Yeah lol

Must be hard.

It is annoying actually.

What is the most common thing people say about tech bros that isn’t true.

That working in tech means you’re automatically rich. It’s not true one bit, cause this thing is a journey and it takes time.

Hmmm true.

No be everybody for tech get money like that.

Do you see yourself in tech for a long while?

Nahh. I’ll leave in a few years.

What would you be doing or like to do instead?

I love cars lol would want to have my mechanic shop

Then a food shop. Maybe wine testing store too

What advice do you have for someone just starting out in tech?

It’s a process and a journey. You’ll need to be patient before you become a “Tech Bro”

Lastly, before you go. Do you think Techbros are fashionable?

Lol. That’s dependent on the tech bro.

Thank you for choosing to do this.
Sure. You’re welcome

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