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JJC: “I just had to leave because nothing is worth that Lagos madness”

I left Lagos two months after. I value my sanity more than anything. People there are truly ment. They just don't know it

For the first episode of JJC, we talk to Nosa, a Nigerian youth from the ancient town of Benin City, who thought coming into Lagos for his youth service was a good idea until it wasn’t

What year did you first come to Lagos?

I came into Lagos as a child in 2001. I came in for a wedding with my mother. I really cannot remember much of it. I just know I had a lot of fun. My aunt took me to a park, I had never been in one before so it was really exciting.

Was that what influenced your decision to come back to Lagos?

No, not really. I was a kid, I really was not thinking about it then. I came to Lagos because I thought I would have a better opportunity. But I have come to see that opportunities are really anywhere you go. You just have to look hard enough

Lagos did you dirty huh? Can you tell me what happened?

A lot happened abeg. I came back to Lagos in 2017 for my Youth Service. Like I paid big money to make sure it was Lagos. 70k to be precise. I was sure this was where I needed to be. On the day I arrived Lagos, the bus stopped us at Ojota. I asked where I can get a bus to Iyana Ipaja. I was dressed in white so it was pretty obvious I was a kopa. First of all, the noise here and there scared me. I could not tell which bus was which. Everything was everywhere. But I had heard about the busy habits of Lagos and I was not prepared to let it shake me down. As I was standing and waiting for a bus going my way, a guy came towards me. He begged me for my phone to make a call to his brother because he was stranded. He looked so sad and tired. I felt so bad for him so I innocently gave him my phone to make the call. To God who made man, I had zero idea how he left my side. That is how my phone left o. First day in Lagos, going to camp and I had no phone

Wow. I’m sorry about that. But it’s a normal thing in Lagos. So what else happened?

After camp, it was one thing to another. I firstly couldn’t get a decent PPA. Everywhere was rejecting me. My uncle then told me he will sign my clearance papers for me that I should go and hustle. How do you hustle in a town that takes you 3 hours to get anywhere? The people living in this Lagos are ment o. They just don’t know. Going for CDS was trouble too. My LGI was a witch. I tried applying for an internship. I got one on the island but I live in Ikeja. I really would wake up every morning by 4 am to get to a job that opens at 8 am and I still found myself late.

No matter when I left the office, I could never get home before 9pm. It was just impossible. And this 9 pm were on good days.

My uncle kept telling me I would adjust. Two months later, I was going to work. I was already ten minutes late, feeling tired because I was sleeping in the car. I was dragging my feet to work, and a car speeding down the street splashed mud water on me. I wore white that day.

That was it. I just couldn’t take it again. I entered the office and HR was saying “I know you are an intern and you are coming from the mainland but that can no longer be your excuse. Some of your colleague come from Ibadan”

I was very pissed at that statement and told her “Don’t worry, I am not coming agian”. That’s how I left

Lol. You were really angry o. So where are you now?

I am back in my ancient city abeg. I am doing event management and Forex trading and it is really paying off. It’s really sad that the people living in Lagos think they are living a “normal life”. Me I jakpa!! And that happens to be the only slang I picked up. Lol

How did you work out your NYSC?

You know how these things are na. I talked to the CLO and CDS president. I settled them with the allowee. I only went back to collect my POP cert. No time abeg

That’s interesting. So if given the opportunity to come and do things differently, would you?

Come and do what? Where? I can’t even advise my enemy to come to Lagos. Only the end of the world will save that place.

Lol. Well thank you for sharing. You just may have saved someone

I really hope I have.

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