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Someone keeps stealing my lunch and I know who it is

Hi Horus,

See, I am angry. This has been going on for a while. I wake up every morning to prepare my lunch before I go to work. On days where I don’t do this, I buy something on my way. Whether I am cooking or not, I keep my food in the office kitchen as it is not allowed to have your meal inside the office.

The problem I am facing now is that someone is always eating out of my lunch. Like I don’t even understand. The first time I noticed it, the rubber band I used in securing the plate was not there and my food portion looked smaller. I thought all day if this was how I brought my food but I just ignored and ate it. I believed I must have forgotten to secure the plate as I would normally.

When it happened the second and third time, I knew someone was touching my food. It was either that or I’m crazy and I know that I am not crazy.

I started taping my name to my food, just so whoever was taking from it would know it was mine. But absolutely nothing changed. Is this person not mad like this?

I made a complaint but it changed nothing. What pains me is, its just my food. A lot of people bring food but this monster decided to feed on my food.

Meanwhile, Tomisin has suddenly started liking meals I bring for lunch. The first two times she brought the same meal I did. That her foolish stainless cooler, she had the same meal as me. I didn’t see it as anything because I thought it was a coincidence. I did not overthink it because those were the first two times that I noticed a slash in my meals.

From the next week, aunty thinks she is smart. She started asking me what I brought for lunch. When I asked her why she was asking, she said my meals made her know what to buy for lunch. THIEF!!!! OLE!!!! She is stealing my lunch and saying its inspiring her.

TOMI YOU WILL GET FAT!!! All that food you are stealing will swell forever in your belly. Idiot!! I am angry o. I told them to put security cameras in kitchen. I cannot cook and someone else will be eating it. Its not fair na.

God dey. But I am very angry.


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