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My office found my Onlyfans

I work in a construction company as the media personnel. I am in charge of all sales and advertising in the company. I am very very good at my job. This company will not reach its milestone without me. Aside from being good at my job, I have a personal life too. A personal life that I don’t think should concern my colleagues or anyone that I don’t discuss it with.

Last month, a colleague of mine found my Twitter page. I don’t share my Twitter handle with people because it is very xxx rated. I easily share my Instagram page because it is all pictures and events there. My Twitter and IG page have absolutely nothing in common. Different username, email, activity, etc.

I have no idea how this moron found my Twitter handle. I have a lot of followers so I didn’t notice that he followed me. I got to work the following week and I saw some of the guys laughing at a video. I walked by and they all kept quiet. It was weird but I ignored it. I had work to do so who cares, right.

One of the guys came to my office and said he knew there was something about me that was kinky. I asked him what he was talking about, and he said, he followed me on Twitter and found my Onlyfans page. He said, and I quote “Damn you’ve got good stuff. If you want to make a video with me, call me”

To be honest, I was livid. How dare he? I asked him to leave my office. Afterwards, the idiot gave everyone my handle and some of them actually subscribed to my Onlyfans. Who was I to complain? They were giving me money. They can go ahead and entertain themselves. I really did not care.

Last week, HR called me to the office for “concerns on my professionalism”. She said my recently discovered activities were disturbing activities in the company. I asked her how and she said it is a big distraction. See me o. I didn’t ask these people to pry into my private life. They did that on their own. I have done excellently well in my job. I have been in the company almost 2 years. minding my business and exceeding expectations but now this is the thing that threatens my job?

I have been sent an official mail that threatens my job. It says the “recent events have been concerning and the company will have to make some decisions in regards to it”. I am really waiting for what they want to do. I am smiling because, what do they want to do without me? Sure anyone can be replaced but they know how important I am to the company and it will take a lot to stand up without me.

Yes, I have an Onlyfans page. It is my business. I have another account that I gave them on my interview, some idiot went looking where he shouldn’t and now that is my fault? I am really waiting to see how this plays out.


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