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OFFICE PALAVA: My Co-worker wants to snatch my boss

Hi Horus,

I work in an oil & gas firm and we are just two ladies in the company so naturally we gravitated towards each other and became quick friends.

Before she joined the company I was dating my boss and before long she found out because I didn’t want to keep it from her. I tell her everything my boss does or buys for me and will sometimes even share the spoils with her when my boss takes me shopping (I never knew my friend was jealous of me).

I just recently got a new offer and resigned from my job. My M.D didn’t take it very well but he wished me well seeing he couldn’t do anything to keep me from taking the new job especially since he didn’t want to increase my salary and the offer at this new job is twice my former salary.

My new job is in another town so I decided to break up with my boss before leaving as I do not see myself visiting or maintaining the relationship when I leave. Now the problem is that, it’s not even been 2 weeks since I left that job and I already heard that my so called friend is dating my boss.

I am not jealous but I feel betrayed. Is it possible she was eyeing him all this while we were together? FYI- he is married and we are both single but he could have dated anyone else. I have a feeling they may have even been dating while I was around but I just never found out.

I want to set my boss and this girl up by calling his wife anonymously. I feel they need to suffer. I need advice on how best to go about my revenge. 

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